Kick in the head for Rogers what Goddell said yesterday. About the Buffalo team going nowhere.

Tickets aren't selling already. Now all Rogers is selling is tickets to see an NFL team play some games in Toronto. AT inflated prices.

Buffalo fans won't buy seats in Toronot. Why should they help make Toronto look good? And Torontonians aren;t buying seats. Why should they pay five times more for tickets then they do in Buffalo?

What your going to see now is Rogers giving tickets away for peanuts to paper the house so he can baost how many tickets he sold.

Looks more and more like Mr. Rogers is going to lose his shirt on this thing. And don't we all feel so sorry for him?

Yes and good on him.

Here is a great article from Dave Perkins, who has been on both sides of the fence but has come up with some great anti NFL stuff including this.