I believe it will still be the rogers awards this year . It is starting next year.

And maybe when the league gets a sponsor, the headlines will read "CFL gains xxxx" or actually, in relation to loses "CFL wins xxxx". That would be accurate as well I believe.

So we will have awards this season. Good.


Depends on who said sponsor will be…

If it’s a Bell,Canadian Tire, Tim Horton’s or BMO you’ll here something about it.

Here’s a thought - what if it’s the NFL? :twisted:

“Tonight’s CFL broadcast is brought to you by”… cue NFL theme… “THE NFL”… pan across field with NFL logos at the 35 yard lines. “The NFL- proud sponsor of the CFL!”

I wonder what 350,000 simultaneous heart attacks sound like?


Now that the CFL and Rogers are no longer affiliated it makes the decision easier to switch my cell phone provider. Not that Rogers will notice. I don't think that I am part of Phil Lind's desired demographic.

Bell is across Canada! How about some of that hard earned Oil Money?

My friend sells phones for Bell here in Edmonton; they couldn't be any worse for sponsor advertising than Rogers or Wendy's (agreed about same ads ad nauseum from the latter get stale by the end of the season) have been.

I can’t stand the Bell company, but their Frank and Gordon commercials are decent. Way better than the crap Wendy’s comes up with.

Considering Rodgers offered a 30% increase over their last contract, I would say it's pretty obvious the CFL is cutting ties with them over their NFL interests. Just like they did with the NFL themselves. Looks to me like the CFL is dead serious about "going it alone". Now more than ever is the time to really support our teams and our league.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Hortons doesn't step up to the plate given that Forde and Lumsden broadcast from there. Coincidence ?

Say what?

I think that had more to do with every second building in Hamilton being a Tim Hortons, so there was a 50/50 chance they would do that interview from one.

[b]Here's a thought - what if it's the NFL?

"Tonight's CFL broadcast is brought to you by".... cue NFL theme... "THE NFL".... pan across field with NFL logos at the 35 yard lines. "The NFL- proud sponsor of the CFL!"[/b]

Good one alpha! :thup:

Big deal. The NFL is sponsoring football in Hogtown. From what I read, most schools in that city are dropping football for insurance reasons.

The NFL thinks they can come up here and take over? Oh please.

American football will be a distant second fiddle to hockey. For every football youth league team in Tranna, there's probalby ten minor league hockey teams.

NFL is going into a new world in CAnada. Where football is something to do when you're not playing hockey.

The Jays are Raptors are finally realizing this. The NFL will have to as well, or they're dead. Just liek NFL Europe.

NFL is going into a new world in Canada. Where football is something to do when you're not playing hockey.

Very true berezin. I think this is one reason why the NFL has been reluctant to get into this country even though they know Toronto is a huge market.

That coupled with the CFL, I don't think they were ready to compete with the CFL on its own turf until now.

The other thing is I think there are a number of people in the Toronto area who are more baseball freaks and don't want any football in the RC, probably an older crowd. I don't think too many of these people will be buying Bills tickets. I know a few myself who don't even like their own team, the Argos, playing in the stadium.

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Did anyone notice how Rogers ads were all over the field during the last two nights.

You guys still think the Bills are moving to Toronto you're crazy. Remember the Montreal Expos played a few games in Puerto Rico, where did the team end up Washington. Just because they are playing a couple games up in Toronto doesn't mean they're taking over. The Bills are trying to stir up interest so when Ralph Wilson dies they can get top dollar for them.

If they're going to move there headed to L.A. which has been dying for an NFL team. Just like the CFL is Canada first the NFL is America first.