Speaking of Dave Naylor who was seen earlier on TSN pre season and was quite informative, now he has this story.
Rogers denies it has anything to do with the Bills and instead the league wanted more money.

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In addition, Rogers recently announced it was making the Bills' Toronto series the title sponsor to the provincial high-school football championship games

Okay, now that's just stupid. An NFL sponsorship of a Canadian championship.

Ha! Goodbye Rogers!

Do not let the door hit his butt on his way out. This guys is a scuz bag.

If someone at Molsons had a braincell in there head they should be all over this like a Rabbit to a carrot.

molsons? try bell.

Loved the headline in the Globe to this story.
It goes "CfL Loses Rogers". NOt the CFL dumped Rogers. OR the CFL and Rogers couldn't agree. Its always the CFL's fault.

And Rogers having the NFL sponsor Toronto highschool football games? What country is this again? I think Teddy boy is getting senile in his old age.

Rogers doesn't want to pay what the CFL wants. Just business regardless of what any underlying issues are or might be. Obviously there are some potential conflicts of interest here with Rogers and the NFL thing and the CFL but regardless, just a business decision in the end. Writers will put the slant on it as they wish.

The Rogers situation won't be
an isolated incident, Earl.

I bet you 'dollars to donuts' that
lots more CFL sponsorship money

will find it's way from the coffers
of the TSN and the CFL to the NFL.

That DRAINING AWAY of sponsorship money
is the real threat the NFL poses to the CFL

NOT CFL attendance going down the drain.

Many fans cling to the idea that
fan support will keep the CFL alive.

Connect the dots, folks.

With NFL ads blaring away in Canada
luring not only fans but sponsors

one day TSN's CFL broadcast sponsorship money
won't be sufficient to televise most CFL games

and interest in the CFL will begin to wane
with yet another generation of young fans

just like it did during the years
when most games were blacked out.

On a tangent, I sure won't miss Rogers commercials during CFL games.

Now if they could only do something about Wendy's running the same ads over and over ad infinitum...............

They just need more burgers to advertise. How about the quadrouple pound baconator with 17 slices of cheese that comes in a fried bag?

Good point ron. If the NFL really doesn't want to hurt the CFL, then an agreement that NFL sponsorship money from marketing in Canada with a team here or not, that a certain percentage should go to the CFL. Although will be see this happen, probably not.

Wow... I'm a trendsetter. Last month I dropped ROGERS as a service provider. :slight_smile:

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Please no...

Why not go with a sponsor that is in every province. Bell is basically an eastern entity.

....GOODBYE Rogers....i personally don't want this guy around the CFL awards in any way ,shape or form...We know where he's coming from...and it isn't as a friend of the CFL...I think he has been dealt with in the only fashion befitting a sleazy little traitor...So long Rogers...and it HASN'T been good to know go south where you belong... :thdn:

I have a question... thought of this last night. With the season about 50 hours away, what exactly is the CFL going to do for its awards now? :expressionless:

They're getting to that as soon as they nail down the US broadcast schedule.

...I'm sure someone will step in to fill the void..The league was probably working on plan B for awhile ...the exposure will be welcomed by a company or two, i'm sure....other than an nfl wannabe toad..such as Rogers :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, "CFL loses Rogers" is the most accurate, captivating and correct way of writing said headline according the the Canadian Press Style Guide... it has noting to do with the CFL being at fault.

Well considering the NFL has actually put some money in football if this city and the CFL didn't says something. At least they are doing something for grassroot football - albiet to the NFL's advantage.