CFL dropping the ball tonight ?

"And we wonder why the CFL can't get past first base when it comes to marketing its star players. With decisions like this, it's no surprise.
Blue Bomber receiver Milt Stegall is on the verge of breaking the league's all-time touchdown record of 137. Right now he's tied with Mike Pringle and George Reed. It's the granddaddy of all records, right? Football's version of the career home run chase.
Only problem is the league is treating this historic moment as if it's Barry Bonds chasing the homer record.
There are no plans to stop Thursday's game between the Bombers and Montreal in Winnipeg if Stegall scores a touchdown. No presentation from the commissioner. No "handoff" from Reed or Pringle to the new touchdown king. Just an announcement over the P.A., a quick replay on the big screen and then it's off to that thrilling CFL play, the point-after.
Does Stegall have a steroid problem we don't know about?
We're told the league, in consultation with the Bombers, doesn't want to disrupt the flow of the game. Instead, there are plans for a ceremony and gift presentation for the home game after Stegall breaks the record. When it's old news.
Talk about dropping the ball. This is one of those moments where the present and past intersect. A rare chance for a league steeped in tradition to celebrate its history and one of its most marketable current stars at the same time.
This is Wayne Gretzky out-scoring Gordie Howe, for crying out loud. Jerry Rice passing Jim Brown. Emmitt Smith rushing past Walter Payton.
Smith broke Payton's career rushing mark back in ’02, and the NFL stopped the game, MID-DRIVE! They also held an elabourate post-game ceremony.
If Stegall scores, the game should be stopped — simple as that. Bomber quarterback Kevin Glenn says he wouldn't mind. Alouettes head coach Jim Popp is fine with it, too.
So why can't the CFL figure it out?
Apparently new commish Mark Cohon isn't such a marketing genius, after all."

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