CFL Dress Code Violations in Calgary and Elsewhere

Regular users of and visitors to this forum may deem this topic knit-picking, but I offer it here to stimulate discussion.

Has anyone out there noticed that, for several years, Calgary's offensive linemen have been cutting the armpits out of their jerseys? This a clear contravention of the official CFL Rule Book: Section 10, Part 7-Dress Code. To my knowledge they are the only team to do this.

This would seem to create a situation where an opposing player might be reluctant to contact the Calgary offensive linemen at or near the armpit area. That could be construed to be an advantage for, if not outright cheating by, the Calgary linemen. While that may not rise to the level of confusion—one reason stated in the rule book for issuing a penalty for dress code violations—in the interest of fairness it should be permitted either for all CFL players, or none of them.

Another common dress code violation is jerseys not fully tucked into pants. Players are required, by rule, to tuck their jersey into their pants between plays. Another apparent violation is the use of a jersey where the bottom hem lies even with the top of the pants. I see this often in receivers and DBs.

Players are required by rule to leave the field for three plays and repair the uniform issue, i.e. put on another jersey, before being allowed back on the field.

Perhaps the shear numbers of dress code violations makes it hard for referees to single out individual players. Can you imagine the s#@t storm that would follow if a referee tossed all five of Calgary's offensive linemen at once?

There is no mention of specific team waivers in the rule book, but bylaws, CBA clauses or other in-house rules may exist that I am unaware of.

I rarely see NFL players looking this bad, especially the armpit thing.

The rule book may be accessed at:

Feedback, anyone?

Well if they'll fine Simon over his gloves and shoes, why shouldn't they crack down on this? Selective inforcement?

In addition, pants are supposed to be worn to cover the knee. It is almost impossible today to find a WR or DB whose pants are not well above the knee, with no padding there whatsoever.