CFL Drama

Does anyone else get the thinking that the CFL is becoming more of a soap opera than ever before.

The New Salary cap has just been anounced, will it be enforced
What are the futures of Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers
New Coaching staffs will be in ottawa and winnipeg
Quarterback controversy in B.C. and Edmonton, who will start
Middle linebacker charged with aggrivated sexual assualt
What will the owners of Ottawa do next
Is Flutie coming back next year

Like sands through the hourglass....these are the days of our lives

You forgot the classy move of dancing with Ricky Ray after Jason Maas takes you to the ball ...

Anyway, most of this is normal stuff, except for the Ottawa owners and maybe the Flutie speculation ... (btw, the Ottawa owners have already announced they're having a 2-for-1 sale on season's tickets on Dec 10 ... a good move, IMO)

where did the 'flutie return' come from?...this is the first i heard of that one

2 for 1 sale????????????????

but one, get one free, my god!

personnaly i dont call that drama... The more you hear about the CFL, the more its been talk about, wich cant hurt.

The Only soap opera is the Glibermans. What will they do next?

(1) What is the next Crazy thing they will do?
(2) Who will they embarrass most, The league? The team? The Ottawa fans?
(3) Which washed up or retired player will they sign next? Gary Hogoboam (After Survivor ends)? Joe Kapp? Terry Bradshaw? Howie Long?

Theres soap opera for you!

...Hogaboam...looks like he's still in pretty good shape...Sportsmen....he could suit up for the Rens. ...and they could steal...the million dollar kicker off of Wpgs. neg. list....seems like it would all fit for that clown Jenkins....and the Gliebs...... :lol:

yah me too and i am assuming that that means darren

I agree with Sportsmen, most of that stuff is normal except for the soap opera glibermans.

At least it's interesting....

Sportsmen: When you asked about who the Gliebermans will embarass next, you forgot the most likely option ; Themselves.