CFL Draft

I was looking over the draft selection, and Edmonton has 3 picks in the first two rounds and that's it. Tillman better make some great selections...

Edmonton will make good on who they select...first choice I say; LB Henoc Muamba and then? I'll be watching on May 8th.

I think there’s extra pressure on Tillman since he traded away four picks in two trades that I still don’t fully agree with.

I’ll also be tuning in… for the first two rounds, anyway. :lol:

I think the Esks will take Muamba if he's available at #2. If he's taken first, I see them taking Parker.

Now that sources say Winnipeg with their #1 pick may/will select LB H. Muamba, the Esks at #2 could select SB A. Parker or OL S. Mitchell. We do need O-Line help; (mentioned earlier in forum talk by Chief) so thus MITCHELL would be the logical choice? However, from now leading up to draft day - May 8th, anything can happen.

Hey guys. Been away awhile after I first joined up, but classes are done so I have more free time :smiley:

Question, with the NFL all screwed up and no FA, meaning no undrafted players can be signed, can the CFL draft some of thse guys? Or do players from the US have to declare for the CFL draft?

Those guys are obtained through free agency by CFL teams if at all. For many of them that is not until the NFL cuts in the preseason through August.

And then some of these guys cut end up on practice squads and try to make the best of going down that road making at least $5200 per week during the season on a week-to-week basis subject to being cut at any time.

Of course even those guys get also all kinds of benefits and perks tax-free including especially a bunch of free meals and drinks and of course some of the social life that comes with being a part of an NFL team.

Note after perhaps a few seasons of such experience, some such players finally look to the CFL to get some actual playing field experience.

If a player for most positions has not actually played much by the time his is 25, or even if he has only been through the grinder of special teams, the chips go down further with time given even the new inexperienced low-drafted or undrafted entrants entering the scene every year.

Esks took OL Mitchell. I'm surprised. I thought for sure they'd go with Parker. Not that I don't like the pick. We definitely need help on the line.

Edit: I'm torn about this draft. On the one hand, I'm glad we got a quality lineman and a receiver, but seriously, only two picks? What the hell, Tillman? I'm pretty sure we started with 7, and by the time Tillman was done trading, we finished with 2. Ridiculous. So much for improving the Canadian depth...

And Chief there some time ago I said nothing and gave you a break on a different matter on the Bob Sanders comment though I agreed with the cut, but here we are with different views once again. :roll:

I personally like Tillman's strategy of having the athletically talented free agents fight it out in training camp, and the Eskies' pick here could have gone either way as others noted below.

Furthermore, in my opinion, it would be easier to replace a Non-Import receiver with another player and shuffle things around than it is a quality franchise (long-term) Non-Import offensive lineman. So I suppose when when had a shot at the best offensive lineman in the draft, well ...

And there, we got a receiver next anyway so that's it we are done! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your Sunday paying tribute to mom all.

To that I say... huh?! :?

Looks like Tillman made a couple more trades, and they weren't bad. We gave Calgary the rights to some guy for their 2nd rounder. Not a bad deal. And we gave Sask Graeme Bell for their 6th rounder. Again, not bad. Neither is a huge loss. And I'm glad we didn't trade away anymore draft picks.

I thought how Tillman handled the draft was impressive with what he started out with.
We had two 1st Round selections, and I was happy they picked up Mitchell and then traded up to grab a quality receiver in Coehoorn, who depending on how he competes in Training Camp, may even start.
Even though we didn't address the Linebacker position, the Esks addressed as much as they could with what they had, and if these guys live up to their hype, we will have some talented players within a very short amount of time. I'm excited to see what these rookies can do for us in the preseason! :smiley:

Interesting draft from a newbie's perspective. Question in general. How do CFL teams go about the QB position? I noticed there was only 1 taken in this draft. Do you rely on veterans moving around? I think the NFl relies way too much on drafting QB's high since most of them end up busts..

Seems an OL, WR, DB, WR is a pretty decent draft.

Next question, after the players just picked, what is the biggest area of need for the team?

The #1 QB on CFL teams are all usually Imports, a Canadian QB at the helm is very rare. In my opinion the area of need for Edmonton is the O-Line which must give protection/time for drop back passer Ricky Ray to operate. And from what I understand Crandell (Eskies new OC) would like a much more explosive offence, thus being the new deep threat which hasn't been present in a while.

Something I didn't see explained above for you is that the CFL draft is only a draft for Non-imports, as in Canadians (or americans who fall in to some technical loophole by playing here or having grandparents or something that I have never really looked into that allows them to be considered non-imports). These NI's are from the CIS or they are canadians playing down south. That is why there was only one QB drafted as like backer wrote most (almost all) QB's in recent times have been imports thus they are not drafted but signed through free agency. Welcome to the CFL cheeseball, enjoy the game, I'm sure you will.

I agree with backer: The O-line is still the biggest need. And I'd also add the D-line. We can't protect our QB or get to the opposing team's. That needs to change.