CFL draft

Should we still own our first rounder, I believe the worst we can pick now is 4th overall.What do we address?
Me, I say WR.Bauman will likely go to Winnipeg and Nicolson will likely walk as well.Not sure if McKay is ready for prime time and we could use another clutch WR under Dave Stala.IMHO, McDaniel is a mediocre WR at best.What we need on this team next to AB3 is a Terrance Jeffers-Harris, Ken-Yon Rambo or a Kerry Watkins kind of guy.Sort of like the Al's and Stamps, we need to have a WR corps that's extremely stacked and deep.Just my 2 cents.Big needs at DT and in the secondary still.

I believe if SSK wins then we get the 3rd overall pick so LET'S GO RIDERS!

I was mistaken, since SSK won we now possess the 4th overall pick rather than the 3rd.

what problems do we have at DT? kirk and reid are solid in the middle, not many teams ran on us this season, and mcdaniel is not mediocre? maybe we watched different games this year, but that is just my 2 cents

We don't use Kirk and Reid at the same time.It's either McIntyre/Kirk, Reid/Bolden or something to that effect.Also, McDaniel's catches and near 1,000 yards are a total joke.Glenn feeds him the ball and he rarely catches it if he has to move any way out of position.Not to mention you could drop it in his hands and he'll still drop it sometimes.Alot of his catches are bullet passes to the gut or screen passes with lot's of YAC yards.Don't get me wrong, i'm not asking for his release.But 3rd string WR is a little too much for him.Someone better needs to start over him and maybe over Mo Mann.

Well, depends what the roster looks like in February as the FA season approaches. Seriously.

I'm just the type to consider the off-season only tomorrow. :wink:

Winnipeg is ON THE CLOCK. Happy New Spy Year!

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Oski Wee Wee,


i relize that reid and kirk dont play together but im just saying they are our DT, and mcdaniel does not have as bad hands as you make it out to be, but even if he isnt 3 reciever he wold still be 4 or 5 and still be on the field majority of the plays, and maurice mann had an awful start to the season but definetly shined near the end, so maurice mann is fine in my books, bauman was very impressive at the end of the season, i truely believe him being benched changed the way he looked at the game and relized if he doesnt preform hes gonna be riding the pine, so i would suggest not doing a thing to our d-line or a thing to our recieving corp, before we start doggin players who produced, get rid of cobb, he is a pathetic excuse for a starting RB in the cfl, 6 carries for 8 yards in unacceppatble or talk bout sandro who cant hit a chip shot fg that would have made a huge difference in the game, we need to utilize our draft picks wisely to either draft a DB,RB,K id go with a DB before anything else just cus it is easy to find a good RB and i believe wilbur can kick fg as well

I agree with you that McD. is 4th or 5th string but the guy has hands of stone more often than not.I guarantee you he's hands down responsible for most drops on our team this year and likely last year as well.And most if not all of those were not unreasonable passes.I'm saying this.
1.Arland Bruce III
2.Maurice Mann/new WR
3.Maurice Mann/new WR
4.Marquay McDaniel

That's all.
This is what it is now.
1.Arland Bruce III
2.Maurice Mann
3.Marquay McDaniel

i belive bauman might have had more drops but that might just be my memory of the games, well you throw out some heavy names for replacements but i belive mcdaniel will not be replaced based on his stats, and i think that thigpen will be converted completly into a SB next season which could be a boost in the offence if he can lock a starting position, but still he needs to get a little bit bigger i believe and rlly work on his hands if he wants to become a fulltime SB

Bauman has dropped alot but we also didn't use him properly or that much at all.We need a second legit WR on this team.A guy with the hands of Dave Stala, the speed of McDaniel, the break tackle ability of TJH and Nik Lewis combined,etc.

haha id LOVE to see a player like that, but a player with all those attributes, he would prolly only play in the nfl:P where would we find this super hybrid player is my main question:P

That's for Obie to decide lol, like I said i'd be happy with a TJH, or a Terrance Edwards or anything like that (not the actual players persay, just the type of receiver)
London Crawford might be a promising one.

I hear Randy Moss is available...

I think you're mistaken. Unless the rules have changed recently, I believe that the only playoff implications for the draft order are that the team that wins the Grey Cup goes last in the draft order, and the team that loses the Grey Cup goes second-last in the draft order. The order of the remaining teams is based on their regular season records.

This means that with today's semifinal results (wins by Toronto and Saskatchewan) there are two possible positions for us in the 2011 draft order:

If Toronto fails to advance to the Grey Cup game, they will select before we do in the draft: we will pick 5th.
If Toronto wins or loses the Grey Cup game, they will select after we do in the draft: we will pick 4rth.

My error. Didn't get my response into the above post.

I wanted to say, I think you're right. In the 2010 Draft, BC picked 3rd, while HAM would have picked 5th if that pick hadn't been forfeited because of their supplementary draft pick the year before. Point is BC, picked ahead of HAM because of their regular season 8-10 record and 3rd place finish in the West and the fact they defeated HAM and played in the Eastern Final didn't change that.