CFL draft to expand to 8 rounds this year

Jimbo , just where exactly do you get your facts from ? The ratio for Canadian starters is 7 not 12 :roll: So it’s clearly one of two things here…#1 you are embellishing and exaggerating the ratio to try to prove your point or it’s…
#2 you clearly don’t know what the Hell you are talking about !!! My vote is for option #2. So taking the Cats as an example please explain to me and everyone else which Canadian starters currently on the team you would eliminate and replace with Americans ? Ted Laurent-dt ? Courtney Stephen-cb ? Craig Butler-s(currently injured/Mike Daly likely replacement) ? Peter Dyakowski-g ? Mike Filer-c ? Ryan Bomben-g ? Andy Fantuz-wr ? If you notice Jimbo there is only 7 players to choose from not 12. So if we go with what you propose and change your fantasy ratio figures from 12 to 10 then that would leave room for another 3 Canadian starters on top of the mandatory 7 that the rules allow for. So you want discussion ? no problem just let me and everyone else in here know which starting Canadians on the Cats you would replace of the 7 players (not 12) mentioned above with American players.
It’s really quite simple Jimbo if you are going to continually bring up your favourite topic of the RATIO then at least get your facts straight and at least have a clue as to what you are talking about. :cowboy:

The moderator staff is around. But if you're discussing football - even if it is the umpteenth time upon a single topic - they're generally not going to get involved.

Bobo.....stop with the logic!!!! Your embarrassing these guys!!!

Great call on Slimjim's post. I get so annoyed that I glossed over his misinformation .

Then I humbly suggest you move those posts to the “Ratio” thread ASAP.

I’ll take the liberty to respond. The answer is obvious:

Once every player on the active roster, including starters, legitimately wins his roster position through open competition with all other candidates that the team can bring in, then and only then, can they be considered to have genuinely earned those positions - no free passes.
Some current starters may retain their positions, some may not. The best players earn roster positions and the best players play. It’s the only way this league will ever reach it’s full potential.

Nice deflection :roll: …but my question wasn’t answered. I’ll ask again…Which of the 7 Canadian starters currently on our team would you eliminate and replace with an American ? Simple question really so why not a simple answer instead of all the political spin doctoring mumbo jumbo double talk that really doesn’t answer anything at all. Heck if I didn’t know any better I would think you were Trudeau answering a question about current foreign affairs at a Press conference with your response. :roll:
I’m pretty sure that old Slim “J” will respond in due time with either a similar deflection response or something totally illogical and nonsensical as usual especially since it’s rather obvious that he doesn’t even understand or comprehend the ratio or rules when it comes to starting Canadians in the league. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll simplify my answer - let the starters compete for those positions in an open competition and you’ll find out who is eliminated and who keeps his job - simple.

Excellent must read here from Drew Edwards, a great analysis on on the TiCats needs in the upcoming draft!

A look at their Canadian depth chart shows where the Ticats are likely to play to their seven Canadian starters and the positions where they could use additional depth.

Didier Orméjuste
None of the @CIS_SIC players who were invited to the Giants rookie mini-camp was offered a contract.

Do you think that The Cats could take LB Alex Singleton with their 1st pick, If he is still there at 5th, He may be the most CFL starter ready of any of the picks and a huge ratio buster.
The TiCats love their LB's

[i]1. Alex Singleton, Montana State (6’2?, 235-lbs)

Singleton easily tops this list, as the former Seattle Seahawk and Minnesota Viking was already nearly CFL-bound as an international player before receiving his national status recently. Singleton is a pro-ready linebacker, with ideal size and experience in the professional ranks. He’s an athletic freak, and possesses incredible instincts and football I.Q. to go along with it. Amassing 136 tackles in his senior year, Singleton had incredible collegiate production. He’s a fluid player on tape, with sure-tackling abilities, awareness both in coverage and against the run, and aggressive, physical play at the point of attack. He works off blocks, forces cutbacks and is able to chase down ball-carriers. Singleton has a bright future in the CFL, and it could lead to more NFL opportunities down the road.[/i]

Rank Name Position School Hometown
1 (2) David Onyemata DL Manitoba Lagos, Nigeria
2 (1) Tevaun Smith WR Iowa Toronto
3 (4) Mehdi Abdesmad DL Boston College Montreal
4 (5) Arjen Colquhoun DB Michigan St. Windsor, Ont.
5 (3) Josiah St. John OL Oklahoma Toronto
6 (6) Charles Vaillancourt OL Laval Coaticook, Que.
7 (-) Alex Singleton LB Montana St. Thousand Oaks, Calif.
8 (8) Trent Corney DL Virginia Brockville, Ont.
9 (13) Philippe Gagnon OL Laval L’Ancienne-Lorette, Que.
10 (18) Brian Jones WR Acadia Enfield, N.S.
11 (9) Taylor Loffler DB UBC Kelowna, B.C.
12 (12) Juwan Brescacin WR Northern Illinois Mississauga, Ont.
13 (7) Mercer Timmis RB Calgary Burlington, Ont.
14 (11) Dillon Guy OL Buffalo Hamilton, Ont.
15 (15) Anthony Thompson DB Southern Illinois Montreal
16 (-) Michael Couture OL Simon Fraser Burnaby, B.C.
17 (14) Jason Lauzon-Seguin OL Laval Pointe-Claire, Que.
18 (16) Elie Bouka DB Calgary Laval, Que.
19 (17) Llevi Noel WR Toronto Toronto
20 (19) Doug Corby WR Queens Burlington, Ont.

Excellent info. Grover! As for a prediction on who we will take in the draft, Austin, Tillman, et al are great poker players. The linebacker moves last year were amazing. I would go Oline, Dback, and receiver but Kent never calls for my advice. "In Austin we trust"! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 7m7 minutes ago
Canadian LB Alex Singleton was not offered a contract after attending #Patriots rookie mini-camp. #NewEngland #NFL #CFL #CFLDraft

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 7m7 minutes ago
Canadian DL Trent Corney was not offered a contract after attending #NYJets rookie mini-camp. #Jets #NFL #CFL #CFLDraft