CFL draft to expand to 8 rounds this year

CFL adding one round to Canadian Draft

[i]The CFL is set to make its Canadian draft one round longer, per sources.

That will make this year’s pick-fest eight rounds and it marks the second time the league has expanded the draft since 2013, when they went from six to seven rounds.

An extra round gives teams a chance to bring more Canadian players to training camp as “non-counters? or athletes that don’t count against a teams’ roster number until the final cuts are made.

That opportunity for a player to display what he can do over a prolonged period of time in a football setting can help ensure less fall through the cracks. Canadian receiver Rob Bagg is a perfect example: he went through the 2007 CFL Draft unselected and signed with Saskatchewan after the draft. Bagg went to camp, proved he could play at the pro level and he’s carved out an impressive career.

The demand for Canadian players has never been higher, particularly since the league added Ottawa as an expansion franchise in time for the 2014 season. Seventh round draft picks currently on CFL rosters: Martin Pesek and Preston Huggins (Ticats), Kevin Malcolm (Redblacks), Kevin Bradfield (Argos), Anthony Coady (Alouettes), Cameron Thorn (B.C. Lions), Blair Smith (Eskimos) and Andrew Buckley (Stampeders).[/i]

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This is great news for Canadian kids with dreams of playing professional football. Well done Canadian Football League! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

What kids?
A good Chunk are now Trying out in the NFL
The CFL Gets the leftovers to pick over like vultures looking for the last meal
This why CFL hold it Draft so late
Cause they don’t know will try the NFL
so Now they can pick over the bones
Big Brother NFL has not ate.

The CFL has two Choices IMO

b do away with Minimum of 21 national players Rules[/b]
Have a draft will all players can be drafted like the NFL.


b Pay Canadian born players At least what They can get on a NFL Practice Rosters .
This Keep some from leaving[/b]

the CFL draft pick becoming an endangered species
the league is that a turning point Gates have never been better for Teams.
But the CFL Player is now a commodity North American wise
so now the CFL is going pay to keep it players.
No more $500 Practice Roster Players.
The CFLPA need get that Price Up to Match the NFL Practice Rosters
That’s minimum salary is 6000 US per week Not 500.00 a week CND

The Top CFL Prospect David Onyemata. The Manitoba Bisons defensive lineman was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the fourth round, 120th overall, of the NFL draft so you’ll not see him for a long time if ever.
Besides Onyemata 11 more are trying there luck Going down south
That’s half your top 20 Prospects leaving for NFL Money

Here is why :
NFL practice squad players make a minimum of $6,000 per week
CFL Need Push it base Salary to Match the NFL.Practice Roster
Regardless if players is starting or on ot Practice Roster
He’ll make 6000.00 a week US. Or They won’t any Good Players to draft[
Just the bones that left from NFL picking it players

The good news is Canadian Football Players and coaching has never been Better
The Bad news you woke the NFL up to how good Canadians are now
So they be less and less each year wanting to get $500 a week to sit a CFL Practice roster

so Pay em or kill the CFL content Rule

Having an extra pick will allow teams to take a risk by picking a player in the middle rounds that they feel could come to the CFL in a couple of seasons. Giguere, Hickman, Gaydosh etc. are good examples

That’s 11 players of the top 20 Ranked PROSPECTS
who now down south due CFL Under paying it players.

again 6000.00 per week US Money.
This should minimum salary Of all CFL players regardless of Starting Backup or Practice roster .
regardless if your Canadian or not .

This 8 Draft Spot is just place card to hold rights for player who never play a down of CFL Ball
The Canadian Player is now a hot commodity in North America
You want them play here. then pay em .

Are you ready to pay $200 or more per game for tickets? Because you are talking a a minimum salary of $150,000 Cdn per year, depending on exchange rate. Multiply by 60 players and factor in more for star players and we’re easily at $10 million payroll per team – double the current amount. Who’s paying for that?

Practice roster pay of $500/wk is the minimum, teams can pay their practice roster players as much as they want.
I would think that Masoli, who was on PR most of the season probably made more than the $500/wk minimum.

It’s time to pay players that Yes it means I’ll go less games


Then do away with Canadian Rules all together when comes to players.
Have a Draft where anyone can be drafted.
No more neg lists

this keep the salary right where it is .

CFL Needs to pick one.

Man stop posting CFL is fine the way it is now go watch your Lions lose on TV

No, the CFL has a third option…

The CFL can just keep doing what it’s been doing for years now… keep lowering the bar further and further on the talent level required for Canadians to make active rosters. Who cares if the quality of the on-field product continues to be degraded?
It seems most fans are so stupefied by the sanctity of the roster quota rule, the last thing they care about is the quality of the product.

Yeah, that’s a plan. Drive away the paying customers by raising the prices to the point needed to pay for the talent. That’ll keep the league in business for sure.

You have a point there about lowering the bar further. The idea behind the expanded draft is that there are not enough Canadians out there to fill the rosters. It’s also getting harder to recruit Americans because of the low salaries and the low dollar.
The Riders just lost one of their top “O” linemen. No doubt he walked away because of the dollar and the fact that he is an import playing a position that will pay Canadians more than an import in that position.

I think with the amount of Canadians recruited by the NCAA and more of them making the NFL rosters, we could be moving towards a reduction in the national starters.

Big surprise that the 2 biggest anti-ratio malcontents on this site decide to spew their venom in this thread. We get it, you HATE the ratio. You have been stating that for YEARS. Guess what? You 2 are the minuscule minority with the loudest voices demanding this change; and the OVERWHELMINGLY VAST MAJORITY of CFL fans disagree with you. Frankly, these posts disgust me. Why the non-existent moderators on this site allow you to type this cr@p is beyond me. As MANY other members have said - there is a perfectly good thread for discussing your views. I suggest you go there and play, so we can ignore you.

Why is it they keep hijacking every freaking thread with the ratio bull$hit. Go away and play on an anti CFL forum. I for one am sick of them and now Robowhatever talking absolute crap about paying idiotic salary amounts.
Either contribute with sound logic or go the hell away.


What Lenny said! :thup: :thup: :thup:

You contribute nothing to this thread - no intelligent comment, no insight, nothing to advance the discussion - just continued whining and other useless tripe.
Continue to bury your head in the sand and delude yourself that everything’s fine. In the meantime, try to read and learn as the other more enlightened fans on here provide opinions on how this league can improve and grow.

I remember reading somewhere that it’s $750 per week now, plus free housing.

Regarding the ratio haters... just add them to your ignore list like I did. Problem solved.

I think that the trolls just want to see how many loyal CFL fans they can piss off with convoluted logic. Much like most politicians we have. :rockin:
Answering them gong forward will just fuel their fire to continue their ill placed "logic".

And I said I wouldn't rant again :oops:

So ratio haters are trolls? just attack posters because they disagree with the number of Americans to Canadians on the roster? very intelligent… :? :?
Why can’t you have a discussion about it? I am sure the coaches in the CFL are frustrated that they have to start 12 Canadians. The CFL is even going to another round to try to look at more Canadians.
Nothing wrong with discussing the ratio and expressing our opinions that maybe we should have a couple more American starters and a couple less Canadian starters.
The CFL is not going to come to an end if they change the ratio from 12 to 10 and give teams more flexibility.