CFL draft to expand to 8 rounds this year

CFL adding one round to Canadian Draft

[i]he CFL is set to make its Canadian draft one round longer, per sources.

That will make this year’s pick-fest eight rounds and it marks the second time the league has expanded the draft since 2013, when they went from six to seven rounds.

An extra round gives teams a chance to bring more Canadian players to training camp as “non-counters? or athletes that don’t count against a teams’ roster number until the final cuts are made.

That opportunity for a player to display what he can do over a prolonged period of time in a football setting can help ensure less fall through the cracks. Canadian receiver Rob Bagg is a perfect example: he went through the 2007 CFL Draft unselected and signed with Saskatchewan after the draft. Bagg went to camp, proved he could play at the pro level and he’s carved out an impressive career.

The demand for Canadian players has never been higher, particularly since the league added Ottawa as an expansion franchise in time for the 2014 season. Seventh round draft picks currently on CFL rosters: Martin Pesek and Preston Huggins (Ticats), Kevin Malcolm (Redblacks), Kevin Bradfield (Argos), Anthony Coady (Alouettes), Cameron Thorn (B.C. Lions), Blair Smith (Eskimos) and Andrew Buckley (Stampeders)[/i].

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Good idea.

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 7m7 minutes ago
Canadian LB Alex Singleton was not offered a contract after attending #Patriots rookie mini-camp. #NewEngland #NFL #CFL #CFLDraft

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 7m7 minutes ago
Canadian DL Trent Corney was not offered a contract after attending #NYJets rookie mini-camp. #Jets #NFL #CFL #CFLDraft

Thank you for the information,Grover.


So really of note only Vaillancourt's try out with the Raiders is left. Moving the draft is going to help GM's across the league when sitting with agents. Only card they can pull is the "going back to school" card.

Perhaps the Riders select OL Jason Lauzon-Seguin as their #1 choice.

Not a chance. Jones is desperate to trade the pick and will take the best of any offers. I’m sure there will be some.

So you write,HfxTC, "that Jones is desperate to trade the pick" and you are "sure that there will be some" offers.

Can you tell us,now, HfxTC what these offers could be? Would be nice to have you views. Easy to say there will be offers, but we would like to know what these offers could look like.


I have no idea Richard, seriously. Eric Tillman tried to go up in the draft last season to take a blue chip Olinesman, they failed so traded for Bomben, he is always trying to improve his draft seating. Winnipeg has only four NI Offensive linesmen, they say they have 7 OL rated in the first round, they may decide they don’t want to chance being left holding the bag at 9-10. Barker is always looking to make a splash, with new ownership, new stadium, they too are in dire need of an Offensive linesman.

Jones has stated that he’s even fielded offers to buy his pick, that could allow him some extra cash to fit a player like Henoc Muamba and give him a starter…

If you look at the typical CFL draft there is usually at least two trades in the first round and we’ve seen as many as five…

Thank you. Personally, I don't think that Sask./Jones will trade his first pick; he would like, but no one is interested, I suppose; furthermore, there is not a consensus on the first round pick.


SSK has poor Canadian depth, They only have 7 picks in this draft,they do have the number 1 overall pick, but do not pick again until 2 late 3rd round picks

The front end of this draft is very deep and having 23 players picked ahead of you will hurt, It is very tough shoring up
NAT depth with later picks

Another point to be made which isn't draft related, but has bearing on depth, is when Jones left EDM he also left his NEG list their too. You don't get to take it with you and I cannot see Hervey helping him out at all

They pick - 1, 24, 26, 35, 36, 52, 62

He’s looking for a quality Canadian starter… and second round picks. That’s always tough but last year Montreal traded Bomben for a first and third rounder. This year there aren’t really any teams that can afford to give that up, makes it even worse that Jones says he’s looking for Oline and receiver help. Who’s got a proven offensive linesman they are willing to part with ??? nobody…

Teams that had extra Canadians lost them to free agency. Probably why some teams are offering cash (i would assume that to mean that a team would be willing to be involved in a trade where the player goes through the trade partners team for his signing bonus covering most or all of the players salary. This is where a player like Muamba could be had with another team picking up most of the salary.

Riders have been talking a lot about teams looking to trade with them. I think they are signaling a willingness to trade the first overall. One of the teams reportedly calling is the Argos and if I were to guess they are the ones to make the deal with the Riders. Riders I think aren't settled on one guy and would like an extra player or pick, sliding down to 4 probably works for them. For the Argos, I think they really want Josiah St. John who's from Toronto and don't think he'll be there at 4. Would swapping picks and the Argos adding an Oline like Matt Sewell, who becomes expendable with Bourke and Van Zeyl starting at the tackle spots, or Cory Watman be enough to get it done?

I don't think the Bombers jump up to that pick. We need Oline for sure, but I'm not sure Walters will be willing to package up enough to satisfy the Riders. Like you said, the Bombers feel there are 7 first round quality Oline. Since there are only 8 picks in the first round, for 7 of the top 8 picks to be Oline would set a record, wouldn't it? Justin Dunk's mock 3.0 version had 6 OL gone in the first 8 picks and Dhillon Guy was still left over. Plus I think the plan is to start only 3 National OL this year and have the flexibility to be able to start only two should the need arise due to injury so they are OK with drafting someone who may not be ready to start Game 1 of the season. If there is a run on Oline in the first round, that will free up Singleton, Loffler, or Corney to work in on the D side with some of the players already on the roster and give them more options.

Absolutely, the only way I could see Walters moving up is if by the fourth or fifth pick, there's been five Olinesmen taken.

Toronto could be after St.John or Singleton. Both of these guys gives them that ratio peace of mind they are looking for. They may be trying to hang on to the fourth pick and offer a second a third rounder and a player.

why wouldn't CFL teams draft Americans from the NCAA during this draft? I don't understand the logic there.

Could we still not have 8 rounds for Nationals and 2-3 rounds Internationals? The American players drafted go on the protected list? Is there a downside I can't see/understand?