CFL Draft Thread

I thought maybe we could have a specific draft thread discussing Sunday's CFL draft (2pm EST on TSN).
To discuss picks, trades, etc.

A couple of links you may want to checkout:

Well it appears that the Toronto Argonauts will not be selecting first overall. According to Arash Midani (Reputable guy), the argos will be involved in a three team deal with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the BC Lions. The deal has yet to be finalized and is expected to come through while the argos are on the clock.

It goes something like this

2nd Overall
Veteran Non-Import

1st overall selection (Expected to pick Shomari Williams)
8th overall selection (really 7 because of the TiCats forfeiting #7)

Contingent on Shawn Gore still being available, BC would trade down with Toronto to pick at 4, while the argos would move up at 3.


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Looks to me like a pretty good deal. The Riders get a beast in Williams who could possibly play on the Defensive line or linebacker, he's coming off a Vanier Cup and appears to be a very intelligent guy.

From Toronto's standpoint, they get some very good bang for their buck. When you're that bad, you need as much help as you can get. They'll get Joe Eppele, Cory Greenwood and a veteran player. I really like this deal for the argos.

For BC, it's no secret BC needs depth at receiver and adding likely the best one available is a plus. Wally seemed to really like Gore for some reason, and the Lions seem to have good luck when picking guys from Bishop's (Jamall Lee and James Yurichuck last year). Leroy Blugh, the head coach, is a former CFLer and no doubt gets his players ready for the next step.

TSN is now reporting this trade. Seems all but official now.

wtf is the suplimental draft?

There are eligible non-import players who do NOT register in time to be included in the regular CFL Draft. These players are offered in a second "Supplemental" draft a little later in the year. The draw back is for each player a team chooses they lose a draft pick in the next year. The Supplemental Draft of 2003 or 2002 cost the Riders Clermont when he was draft eligible.

dood! that was awesome! thanx so much for the answer to that. i was searchin online for that and coulnt find it.

the second pic suprised me. thought he would go third!

You are welcome!!

worst kept draft secrect, calgary selecting a kicker! will he punt or field goal with the stamps?

BC takes Watkins. A bit of surprise I thought. But he's a beast.
Winnipeg makes another trade lol.

Must be something in the water. Taman leaves and he wrangles the #1 overall. Mack moves in and continues the string of Winnipeg avoiding the first round.

dude watkins maver matte bulcke, bombers had no interest in these gguys and picked up an extra pick..

steele, allen, gore, gesee,watkins,sisco.. one of the guys they wanted originally will be there at 9.

good move by the blue

What does Winnipeg receive for trading pick #6 to Edmonton? (Sorry gang I'm at work, can't watch. . . )

Yeah, but I think Edmonton would have got Bulcke at 9. Maybe not but that was a good move for the Bombers. This draft is deep.

#9 and #22 overall.

picks 9 and 22.

riders took sisco from regina.

steele?gesse? watson? gore.. all still there.

smart move. with all the redshirts taken early here... bombers will still get the guy they wanted probably plus pick 22.

Jordan Sisco ? What?! - im confused! i get that he's a hometown product but damn, i was REALLY hoping for either Steele, or Allen... I was un-aware that we needed ANOTHER WR...

Can someone explain please? I'm blown away

dunnigan is tryin i think :stuck_out_tongue:


but te tsn guys are very pro riders.


now apparently dave dickenson is our qb. god these guys are terrible.

wr corey watson. :slight_smile: