CFL draft question?

I was reviewing the previous draft, and the Argos selected Nick Kaczur, who is drafted by the New England Patriots. It seems like a big gamble to do this. There is no way he will end up playing CFL ball. I also saw Hamilton drafted Francois Brochu as atightend/long snapper. This guy doesn't even start in college football nevermind CFL. It looks like a wasted pick to me. He is not a good long snapper at all. That has been Boston College's weak spot. Jeez, i wish i was born in Canada i could be a long snapper. Looks like they missed the boat on this pick. BC already has Paul Peterson(Gades), and TJ Stancil(riders) that were signed as free agents. If anything these guys should have been drafted.

Just want to know why CFL teams do this? I know Kaczur would have been a steal, but everyone knew he was a top three round NFL pick.

The CFL draft is a waste of time. Rarely do you get a starter, and there are lots of other Canadian players with experience who are better that you can just go out and sign. And if you do fluke out and get a good player, well he can just leave for his favourite team after 2 years anyway.

The Draft In The CFL Really Doesn't Mean To Much, I Remember A Few Years Back Winnipeg Turned Down Their First Round Pick. Most Of The Better Players End Up Coming From Other Leagues And A Lot Of Teams Get Players From Open Tryouts. Also Because Players Careers In The CFL Last So Long So A Lot Of The Time A Team Could Be Waiting For 4 Or 5 Years For The Starter In The Position To Retire Before Getting To Put In Their Draft Picks, That Is If They're Not On Their Option Year And Have Decided To Try Their Luch South Of The Border.

Thanks for the input, now i know the draft is irrelavant.