CFL Draft/Non Counters

After the CFL Draft teams somewhat secretly each select an additional 2 players who like draft choices are non-counters against the roster.

I don`t understand the secrecy. Why not just extend the draft an additional 2 rounds?

Not sure if it’s done secretly, or just not publicly. By the start of trading camp, it’s all public

And if I remember correctly these players aren’t usually draft eligible; there usually local university players with a year or maybe two left before graduation. They’re brought in as extra bodies for camp, and to give them some pro level experience.

Most of the 2 players/non-counters signed after the draft are draft eligible in the current year.


I must be thinking of something else - like when the Ticats brought in Will Finch to training camp before his final year of university.

Are we talking about the supplemental draft? If so, I wouldn't think there'd be enough players to go a full two rounds Normally only a couple of players available, and it costs a draft pick the following year.

If not, and not the guest invites like Will Finch, then maybe it is secret after all :wink:

Personally, I am not writing about the supplemental draft, but 2 players/non-counters that CFL teams can sign after the draft. It's been in existence for many,many years.

So far, the Argos have signed QB Noah Picton from the Regina Rams and the Eskimos have signed RB Chris Amoah from the Laval Rouge et Or. More signings will definitely be announced this week.


Got it. I hadn't thought of them as a draft of sorts. But I guess there has to be a way to prevent multiple teams from sending offers to these players.

But if the draft were extended by two rounds wouldn't there still be undrafted players that teams would be going after? Has to be a cutoff somewhere.

So done in private, but not secret for long - only until the contract offer is sent to the players. I don't see an issue with the way it's done.

I thought I saw that Picton "was not" signed as a non-counter but as a standard FA signing adding to the roster.

Was Amoah signed as a non-counter with Edmonton?

RB Bryce Vieira from the Gee-Gees was also signed the morning after the draft as a non-counter with Saskatchewan.

All the players eligible to the 2018 CFL draft that have not been drafted are,automatically, free agents. I doubt that any team won't consider them as non-counters,since it allows teams to have 2 players that don't count against the max. 75 approved.


Yes...that was started maybe 5 years ago where they could bring a couple players from CIS into camp. It is a great idea

For sure, and some gems come from it every now and then. The Riders, for example, have I think 6 UDFA returning already. Bagg and Messam...solid players who have had great careers.