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Finally, the latest edition of the CFL scouting bureau rankings have been announced. By what's most interesting about the CFL's release on the issue is this:

The 2014 CFL Combine will be held in Toronto from March 21 - March 23. The date of the 2014 CFL Draft is yet to be confirmed.

Why hasn't the draft date been confirmed? Because the NFL Draft has been moved back from April to May 8 to 10 this year – after when CFL Draft usually takes place. Teams would obviously wait to see if guys playing in the NCAA are taken in the NFL draft - or signed as priority free agents - before picking them.

The CFL can schedule their draft after the NFL draft,
I do not understand why this was not done before.
The teams picking will now know in advance which Canadians will have been drafted into the NFL before the CFL draft occurs. This is a big advantage

The Canadian Football League Scouting Bureau today published its winter edition of the top 15 ranked prospects eligible for the 2014 CFL Canadian Draft.

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Rank Name Position School
1 (1) Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OL McGill
2 (4) Pierre Lavertu OL Laval
3 (3) David Foucault OL Montreal
4 (2) Devon Bailey WR St. Francis Xavier
5 (15) Matthias Goosen OL Simon Fraser
6 (--) Evan Gill DL Manitoba
7 (6) Beau Landry LB Western
8 (8) Andrew Lue DB Queen's
9 (--) Anthony Coombs RB Manitoba
10 (7) Max Caron LB Concordia
11 (12) Casey Chin LB Simon Fraser
12 (9) Sam Sabourin LB Queen's
13 (5) Adam Thibault DB Laval
14 (10) Derek Wiggan DL Queen's
15 (--) Dylan Ainsworth DL Western

We pick 8th

Current order for 1st round of the 2014 #CFLDraft:

Is the draft order based on playoff performance? Or did we trade spots with Toronto at some point?

Regular season standings for teams not making the post season, then playoff rankings for those that did.

Did not know that. Thanks.

This would be my top #4 wishlist,based on picking 8th and where I feel we need upgrading,hopefully 1 of the 4 will be available,depending on who goes where in the first 7 picks

#1.....Devon Bailey-wr ......St.Francis Xavier(#4 ranked)
#2.....Andrew Lue-db.........Queens University(#8 ranked)
#3.....Beau Landry-lb..........Western University(#7 ranked)
#4.....Adam Thibeault-db.....Laval University(#13 ranked)

Although there is 7 lineman listed(4 O-L/3 D-L) IMO the team is well stocked in both positions having 8 OL and 6 DL already on the roster.With the team recently letting go of Stala and trading Charbonneau,we currently only have 3 Cdn rec listed.The team has Stephen as starting safety,but behind him as back-up is shakey at best with King,Bucknor and Mutobala listed.The team currently has 3 Cdn LB,Plesius and Prime are still young and raw,with plenty of upside,but special team ace Beswick who is listed as LB/DB basically is strictly special teams and also a pending possible FA. There is also been talk of the team converting Prime over to Offense at the FB/TE position to replace Delahunt,which would leave an opening at LB on the roster.
Anyway that is my assessment for what it's worth,I'm sure that others will agree or maybe not,so let's everybody post their top 4 or 5 wish list and just see what the consenus is on who the Cats take 1rst rd in the 2014 draft class.

Beau Landry is a stud! he's a Waterloo Boy. I've seen him play since the 7th grade!(he's the same age as my youngest son) And the boy is a class act! Hope we get him :cowboy:

With Landry ranked at #7 and us choosing #8 There is a very good chance that you might see him in a Ti-Cat uniform next year.
IMO any of the 4 players I mentioned would be great if the Cats drafted them,although Bailey being ranked at #4 would be a longshot at best,anyone of the other 3 on my wishlist though are IMO a good bet for being drafted as a Cat in 2014.It will probably come down to who signs where in FA and what and who each team loses and gains in the process of it all that will determine who gets drafted by which team in regards to where each team’s Cdn strengths and weaknesses are in regards to who is available when it’s their turn at the podium come draft day.

It's been done for years.

I'm not so sure. I mean, going for great Candian content makes sense, but unless we suffer some key losses at the posistion, we are very top heavy at Linebacker right now. Johnson, Lawrence, Plesisus, Bowman, Beswick and Issac. That being said, Johnson and Lawrence both need to get locked up. I'm very nervous that Jamall isn't comming back, making three of my favourite players gone.

I think you go for a D.Lineman or a DB this time around.

Key losses is the Key phrase in what you post,Hammer. You are right,for now we are top heavy at Linebacker....but with 3 possible FA in Lawrence,Johnson and Beswick maybe not coming back and signing elsewhere,suddenly your down 2 starters and your "bullett" on special teams.This is why as I said who gets drafted and by who will dovetail into who goes where in FA. I do agree with you on being nervous about Johnson resigning,I can't help but think that J.J could be the next vet purged from the roster by Austin and there has been talk about Lawrence hoping to get NFL attention,although if he does remains to be seen at this point.I can't help but think that Austin has plans for Bowman as the starter next year in the middle,with the recently signed Murray on one side and if Lawrence isn't signed,switching up Isaac to replace him.Right now it's all a big guessing game
with a ton of different scenarios that could take place.I don't agree with your D.L pick,as like I said we have 6 Cdn D-Lineman on the current roster for next season,but do agree that a DB will be drafted as behind Stephen we have depth,but not potential
in case of injury as was shown in the Cup with King being a big drop-off as a replacement.I would personally love to see us draft Bailey at wr who is a big target at 6'5" 220 lbs,but feel he won't be available when it comes to the #8 pick.As for Landry,I
feel like it will all come down to what happens in FA with our 3 pending FA LB. otherwise perhaps a DB as our first pick.

I dont think that JJ is coming back either. He did a great job of being the veteran glue moving to MLB but with Bowman Helthy and Plesius finally going to get a full CFL training camp and TO Prime as well they are locked stocked and barreled at the WIL and MLB positions.

The Cats have spent the last few draft really loading on Canadian top talent and depth along the Dline and LB positions.
They have a line of drafted and traded for Canadian Lineman to batle out for roster positions.
As for Canadian Receivers out of the draft it usually takes a few years for them to get up to speed so I could see Austin hitting the FA marget for some of those who have been highly drafted and are entering years 3-5.

Leaves a skill position guy who may not come along that often in anthony Coombs. They went with two Import rookies fraom the NCAA to return, back up at RB and be a hybrid type player and Coombs is going tobe just as good if not better.
Great returner, even though Austin loves NFL vet Banks, 1,000 yard rusher and 500 yards receiving. He will be able to fill a NI roster spot with a player who usually has to be squeezed into a DI role.

I doubt that Coombs will still be available at pick #8........but.....ya never know???? I agree with ya though....a ratio buster ,for sure,doubtful he won't be picked in the top 7 before we have a crack at him.He could eventually turn out to be the next Cornish,as the next great future Canadian Running back.I guess I can increase my wishlist from 4 to 5,but I really don't think that the Cats will have the opportunity to draft him.

Bombers should draft an offensive linesman :wink: :wink:

Nothing is for sure but Coombs is as close as you are going to get for a Canadian Skill player he can just do so much and is a great athlete. The options to what position(s) he could play make him so valuable.
He may be the next Cornish and he could very well end up right where he is at in Winnipeg. He will at least be a very popular pick who can contribute right away at the very least as an electrifying return specialists and put some of those 5K Bisons fans in the seats for every game as well.

[url=] ... u-rankings[/url]

Final Scouting Bureau Rankings Revealed

TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League Scouting Bureau today published its final edition of the top 15 ranked prospects eligible for the 2014 CFL Canadian Draft.

For the third-straight ranking, McGill offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the top ranked prospect. Duvernay-Tardif is followed by two other offensive linemen - David Foucault from Université de Montréal is ranked second and Pierre Lavertu from Laval is third.

Rounding out the top five is the biggest mover on the list Quinn Smith. The defensive lineman from Concordia has climbed the charts from not being rated in either the fall or winter scouting bureau lists to the fourth rated prospect in the final edition. In the fifth slot is St. Francis Xavier wide receiver, Devon Bailey.


The ranking includes four offensive linemen and defensive linemen, three defensive backs, two linebackers, and a wide receiver and running back.

Université de Montréal has three players on the list, the most by any one school. Laval, Manitoba, McGill, Simon Fraser and Western each have a pair of prospects on the list.

Smith, David Menard and Antoine Pruneau joined the list after not being ranked in the winter edition in January, while Max Caron, Sam Sabourin and Derek Wiggan did not reach the spring edition after being listed in the winter edition.

After a great showing at the National CFL Combine, Dylan Ainsworth soared from the 15th spot in the winter edition to the seventh spot in the spring edition.

The province of Quebec is represented with six hometown prospects. Following Quebec is Ontario with four, BC with three and Manitoba has two.

All 15 ranked players on last spring’s CFL Scouting Bureau list (it was published in April) were selected in the 2013 CFL Draft. Seven of those players were selected in the first round.

Here is the Full Ranking:

Final Scouting Bureau Ranking
Rank Name Position School
1 (1)
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OL McGill
2 (3)
David Foucault OL Montreal
3 (2)
Pierre Lavertu OL Laval
4 (--)
Quinn Smith DL Concordia
5 (4)
Devon Bailey WR St. Francis Xavier
6 (6)
Evan Gill DL Manitoba
7 (15)
Dylan Ainsworth DL Western
8 (9)
Anthony Coombs RB Manitoba
9 (5)
Matthias Goosen OL Simon Fraser
10 (8)
Andrew Lue LB Queen's
11 (13)
Adam Thibault DB Laval
12 (11)
Casey Chin LB Simon Fraser
13 (--)
David Menard DL Montreal
14 (-)
Antoine Pruneau DB Montreal
15 (7)
Beau Landry LB Western

Grover and bobo8224 both make reference, in this thread, to the Ti-Cats picking 8th.
I believe they will actually pick 9th (& then also 11th) after the February Shomari Williams, Josh Bartell & the 8th pick trade to SSK in exchange for the 9th and 11th picks.

A fan on on the Bomber forum suggested that the Bombers may want to trade down because the top O-Iinemen they want to pick are getting NFL interest. Maybe the Ticats, who have quite a few young Canadian O-Linemen, can trade one to Winnipeg and also swap their first round pick to the Bombers for the #2 pick? Not sure if Austin is extremely interested in one certain player enough to do this. But I bet Quinn Smith would be the guy if that is the case. This kid can play both O and D Line, and impressed everyone at the combine. Good, versatile player who would look good rotaing in and out with Bulke and Hazime in the middle.