CFL Draft may 2nd Update where

The CFL draft is just around the corner
See if I'll purposely hold its draft a few days after the NFL draft
To make sure players are available when they make that pick
Here a Mock John Hodge's 2023 CFL Mock Draft 1.0 - 3DownNation
CFL Draft -

We Have picks :
2nd round no pick traded to Edmonton then to Ottawa.
3rd Round no pick Traded to CGY via trade (Nov 14, 2022)
No 6th round pick (traded to Calgart for BLM)via trade with Hamilton (Nov 14, 2022)
No 7 Round Traded to Edmonton then traded to Ottawa


It’s bad enough TSN’s broadcast is a monotone Randy Ambrosie in a studio calling out picks one by one. But no picks between 6 and 29 is going to make this one pretty hard to get excited about for Cat fans. Hopefully some decent players will drop into the fourth round but at the end of the day there aren’t too many impact players in these drafts when you look at who actually becomes a starter in year 1 or 2.

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We did trade that 2nd rounder for David Beard, I'm okay with that


I'd go with Clark Barnes WR Guelph as the 6th pick in the first round . Canadian depth at receiver would be Kiondre Smith , Tyler Ternowski and Llevi Noel . They can all play on the teams as well .


I’m fine with it too, just makes the draft night pretty uneventful for Ticat fans. That’s ok, I usually get my hopes up too high for most of these players. It’s still a huge jump for most from USports to the pros. You’ll get the odd Philpot twin or Rourke that comes along but most of the time there are a lot of special teams guys along with some future olinemen.


Sometimes they just do well
Sean Thomas Erlington was drafted in the eighth round, 66th overall by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 2017 CFL Draft and signed with the team on May 24, 2017


Yep; and his career CFL yards/carry average now stands at 6.1 = the best of any veteran RB in the league (tied with Stanback). New RB Butler's career yds/carry so far is far inferior.

Als' got J. Antwi in the later rounds as well, and when he got the opportunity to play last season, he ended up doing quite well - top 5 in league rushing and exploded for the longest and 3rd longest runs by a RB on the season.

It's also interesting to note where 2 of the best Canadian receivers in the league now - K. Gittens & Schaffer-Baker were picked in the CFL draft - way down the list. CFL "scouting" and talent evaluation of Canadian talent is often lacking, or out to lunch, IMO.


No Bagayogo, we need depth in the secondary. Plus the kid looks like a future starter cornerback.

This is why we look forward to the draft each year . Different opinions create even more interest . I don't think the Cats lose with either Guelph player .


I just think that with the two FA pickups, reciever may not be that high of a priority.

And hopefully, whoever was involved or in charge of pushing for Jake Burt as a 1st round (1st overall LOL) pick has no say anymore.

Be nice to see a CFL draft where all teams make smart picks who make their rosters and contribute soon or right away (starter maybe or solid depth guy in an area of need, or ST guy), right thru the 1st 2 rounds. Go over CFL draft year history, and there is almost always 18 such players available; can't nail them every year, but smart and open-minded GM & scouts should have more success, IMO.


Burt was on everybody's list . Sask would have taken him if the Cats didn't . We also got Nick Cross in that first round . When healthy , those were 2 good picks . Training camp will show their true value .

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I don't care if he was on everybody's list (and I doubt there is documented proof of that), it's part of my point that 1st round picks end up being real impact players for the team; not little used blocking H-backs. And it could be that they viewed (and still do) Burt as an everydown starting receiver - a big, bruiser slot a la Rocky DiPietro - but I'll believe that when I see it; maybe he does emerge as a real force on offence this coming season, but for now he has to beat out G-Gauthier at the part-time on offence H-back job.

They could have used that Burt pick to land guys who turned out to be starting CFL O-linemen (Nicastro (Argos) or Lestage (Als) in their first CFL seasons; or a receiver like Hakunavanhu who has shown big catch/ big play ability for the Stamps offence; or a potential starter on D like Nelson Lokombo or Alonzo Addae. There were other choices, and let another team who's all ga ga on Burt cause he was on the Patriots PR, use a top pick on a part-time position player.


When healthy ? Burt is/was a good pick ? Seriously ? When has this guy ever been healthy ?
He has been here for two full seasons and has dressed and been healthy for a grand total of 10 games out of a possible 36 games including the play-offs since we drafted him .

In those 10 games he has made a grand total of 4 catches for 40 yards and has had 0 ST tackles . That's some contribution all right , so tell me again why he was a good pick and where the value has been in drafting this guy as a number # 1 ?

I won't argue that Cross wasn't a good pick despite his injury last season , no complaints with him at all . He has at least contributed on the ST's with 24 tackles in 20 games played .

The only problem I feel with Cross is trying to keep him here next year in FA . He is a Saskatchewan boy born and bred who went to school in BC . I honestly won't be the least bit surprised to see him head out West as soon as his contract is up here next season heading to either the Riders or the Lions .


Sask wanted him because he has roots in the community . He played at Boston College and was on the Patriots practice roster for a year . He checked all the boxes . [

Intriguing CFL Draft prospect, Regina-born tight end Jake ...

3DownNation › 2021/05/03 › intriguing-cf...
](Intriguing CFL Draft prospect, Regina-born tight end Jake Burt likens playing for Patriots to Riders - 3DownNation)

I thought you were saying "everybody" though?

Can try to justify top picks on guys like Burt or Josiah St-John (wasn't even a full-time starter in college ball, but was on a big Div I program that i guess golly gee impresses some CFL scouts), and I know weak picks or guys not panning out happens in lots of sports drafts - just happens too frequently in the CFL, IMO.


Sask picked #2 in the first round . We picked first . These 2 teams wanted him and you can check the other 7 . Here's the other first rounders :
DB 5'11 190 1999-03-23

OL 6'3 340

North Carolina State
DE 6'3 250

DL 6'6 1997-03-12

LB 6'2 255

OL 6'2 295 1998-12-09

Oklahoma State

Burt would have been drafted by somebody eventually but have yet to read a single media item describing Burt as highly coveted and sought after pick or a team saying they wanted to trade with HAM for the chance of drafting Burt or "we wanted Burt but.." or "if we had the number 1 pick we would have picked Burt" or anything vaguely resembling that.

"Everybody wanted Burt" narrative needs some sources.


Yeah , nobody in the CFL would want a big Tight End/ Fullback with an NCAA Div. 1 backround and an NFL Patriot practice roster experience . Oh , he's also a Canadian . Nobody would want him but just the dumb Cats .


There ya go , you finally figured it out .