CFL Draft May 12

The Cats have 9 picks in the draft, with four in the first three rounds. The Cats could move up if they feel the need to, this year. Ottawa traded their first pick last year. You never know! Their needs would seem to be at receiver, running back, defensive back, and OLine for depth purposes. Possible picks could be: Wr. Lemar Durant SFU 6'2" 231, Wr./Pr. Bobby Pospischil SFU 5'10" 185 Wr. Nick Demski Man. 6'0" 215 Rb. Dillon Campbell Laurier 5'8" 195, Rb/Te Jefferson Court Utah St. 6'3" 238 , Fb. Christophe Normand Laval 6'2" 230 Db. Chris Ackie Laurier 6'2" 210 , OL Danny Groulx Laval 6'6" 325, OL Jacob Ruby Rich. 6'7" 308.

I'm assuming that Varga, Boyko, Bridge and Mateas will be in NFL camps and may become late round gambles. I saw Addison Richards Wr. Regina play in the Shrine Game and was not impressed, which probably means he'll be a first rounder.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

With Fantuz getting older and on his last year of his contract, perhaps Demski could drop to us at #8

The Cats have at the present time on their roster an amazing total of 12 players drafted by the club. The oldest is Dyakowski who was drafted in 2006, but the other 11 have all been drafted in the last few years and have given the Cats perhaps the best depth in Canadian talent in the entire league. Personally I would like to see maybe 1 or if possible 2 wr/sb drafted this year,as I feel that if Fantuz or Watts go down with injuries we could be in big trouble. I think a few OL for added depth and development as both O'Neill and Dyakowski are both heading into their 9th yr of playing should be the next priority position looked at. After that though I can see Austin most likely drafting the best player available as developmental and special team depth,as I can't see too many newbies cracking this roster this season.
Here is the list of the 12 draftees currently on our roster: Pretty impressive to say the least :thup: :smiley: :cowboy:

P.Dyakowski-og.......drafted 2006...2nd round/11th overall
C.Stephen-cb/s.......drafted 2012...2nd round/8th overall
B.Landry-lb...........drafted 2014...1rst round/8th overall
F.Plesius-lb...........drafted 2012...2nd round/10th overall
M.Daly-s..............drafted 2013...6th round/45th overall
N.King-s..............drafted 2013...5th round/43rd overall
AG.Nadon-de........drafted 2012...3rd round/17th overall
CO.Prime-fb/lb.....drafted 2013...3rd round/19th overall
C.Johnson-lb........drafted 2014...5th round/44th overall
C.Rockhill-ol.......drafted 2012...2nd round/13th overall
L.Gaydosh-dt.......drafted 2013...1rst round/1rst overall
M.Atkinson-dt......drafted 2012...3rd round/20th overall

It is impressive, Bobo. Thank you for compiling it.

However, a healthy number of those players did not report directly to Hamilton and instead tried their skills elsewhere. This is a trend that is growing throughout the CFL. As much as I agree that it is the player's right to do so, it also hampers the team and the league here.

As such, I've grown less interested in the CFL draft.

Looking at the lists for the combines, I didn't see Lb Nick Shorthill McMaster and yet he is highly rated for the draft(#11).

Does anyone know if he's hurt? :?

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

One of the Demski, Durant or Richards would be nice from the first round. I hear it's a deep draft for Oline, so hopefully we can get on in the second. If they can find a back up for Stephen, that would be great. I know they probably won't do it, but it would be nice to see them take Yantz in the sixth or seventh.

I think Yantz will be available as a free agent. It would great if some CFL team just gives him a chance to compete at quarterback.

I would take Brandon Bridge with one of our 3rds if we keep both. worth the gamble Imo to take him earlier

Our picks unless there is a trade are

#8, #17, #24, #29, #43, #51, #52, and #61

I believe we also have #20, for a total of 9 picks.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Thank you for correcting. :oops:
So 2 picks in the 3rd round and 2 picks in the 6th round

The NFL draft starts today,Thurs. Apr.30 and ends Sat. May 2nd.
The CFL Draft is on May 12th, 10 full days after the end of the NFL draft
I understand that we would want to wait until the NFL has picked through our Canadian prospects but I think
having our draft a week sooner, Tues.May 5 would allow the possibility of Training camp to start 2 weeks earlier on May 15th.

Last 2 weeks of May - Training Camp - 2 Weeks
First 2 weeks of June - 2 Pre-Season games -2 weeks
Third week of June - Start of 18 game Season with 2 byes - 20 weeks
First Sun. of Nov.1 - East and West Semi- finals
Second Sun. of Nov.7- East and West Finals
Grey Cup Championship 2 weeks sooner on Nov.15th

Some advantages are
2 weeks less of going head to head with the NFL and NHL for Television ratings.
Potential of much better late season weather for Playoff games.

Some disadvantages are
Canada Day season opening would be lost
Although Labour Day games would be still played it would be week 13 instead of week 11

Look at the weather for Mini Camp, Perfect football weather
Our Motto for CFL should be
Hooray, Hooray it's the first of May, Outdoor Football starts today!