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CFL junkies, looking for more draft material? Check out my Mock Draft for the 2014 event. I’ve also included links to my sources, which you may find interesting…

29 days until the CFL Draft! Can’t wait!

Merci pour le regroupement de ces références. Très intéressant.

Three DL for the Als in the first three rounds. Might not be a bad idea, ratio depth for a starting non-import DL, but seems unlikely somehow.

Thanks for pointing that out. I see DL is an area of need for the Als, but I think you are right that they won't take three d-line in three picks - unless they see Quinn Smith as an offensive lineman.

C'était un peu mon impression également. Pas une mauvaise idée si Klassen réussit à décrocher un poste de partant, mais j'aurais cru que les Alouettes reluqueraient aussi Bailey.

I see a DL and a LB in the first two rounds. Logic dictates that the Als can have their pick of a DL at four and still get one of the number of LB prospects in the second round. They are all very similar IMO. None are blue chippers but they all have potential and strenghts in different areas.

Logical, but for some reason (???) I expect Popp to pull a surprise of some sort.

Childress: I must thank you for the mock draft you posted and, also for the material you gave us last year as well. The Als struck gold last year in selecting Mike Klassen in the 3rd or 4th round who played regular DT for the team last season. Klassen stood his ground with the opposition OT's last season. It's rare that a draftee at DT demonstrates competence in his first year at play. I really don't know what Popp is bringing us this season re American defensive tackles or, a bookend for John Bowman? Perhaps Ainsworth ( Western ) or Quinn Smith ( Concordia ) will be available when the Als pick draftwise and, our defensive line will thus feature Canadians unless we resign the one free agent who appears headed for the NFL. Ainsworth was a standout in the combine against a highly rated OT whom he defeated in the line play.In addition, perhaps the coming year will indicate what Adebayo might provide to our defensive line. I was not happy at Emery's signing with the Argos and, doubt that the team will find another Canadian LB of his stature. I believe we are bringing solid players into 2014 with linebacker and DT's being the sole area of concern on defense. The offensive has to be the prime area of concern.

Here is some more draft material from :

  1. I wrote up an article looking at the new eligibility rules and their impact on the draft. With next to no NCAA players, the draft is significantly weaker. I breakdown some numbers and compare against the last three drafts.
[url=] ... rules.html[/url]
  1. Barry has compiled a draft list consisting of all players who attending either a CFL regional or the main combine. He has all their testing information and links to video footage for most of them.

In this morning's Ottawa Sun, an article says "... the Ottawa RedBlacks could throw an interesting twist into the May 13 event. Whether or not they hold onto the No. 1 choice in the draft ...".

Ottawa sports "journalists" have a history of being team propagandists, so I have to wonder whether this is a trial ballon to test reaction to a deal of some sort.

They have the pick of the lot. I don't know why they would do such a thing unless they can trade down for two picks and get at least a starting Canadian in addition.

Things are so simple for Ottawa. I don't know why they keep monkeying around. After the Burris signing and losing Kohlert and Hage. Gambling should be kept to a minimum. Its not like they need to get to the GC in their first season.

Given that Laurent Duvernay-Foucault will most probably be drafted by an NFL team and that David Foucault will most probably be signed as a free agent by an NFL team, Quinn Smith becomes the second best player for the CFL draft,at least based on the CFL Scouting Bureau. It certainly makes sense to consider him as the number 1 pick; Lavertu may still be the player drafted number 1 by Ottawa,but Smith is a very good option. I would not mind having Smith as an Alouette.


I’d like him too but with Hage retiring, they don’t have a center. Drafting Lavertu makes much more sense for Ottawa than reaching for a guy who took a few snaps on the Oline at the Combine and wasn’t ranked until then. Unless they get a center in the trade and the only team I think could afford to maybe give up theirs is Saskatchewan.

Assuming the first 3 picks are Foucault, Lavertu, and Smith, I would much prefer the Als to take Gill or Ainsworth over Bailey.
Much harder to find good Canadian d-linemen than receivers.

And should Foucault sign a NFL free agent contract before the CFL draft and drop to 4th, I can see Popp taking a chance on him.

The REDBLACKS drafted Alexander Krausnick from the Eskimos in the expansion draft ... He plays centre ... entering his 4th year with the league. Was drafted in the 4th round, 27th pick overall, by the Saskatchewan Roughriders back in 2011.

Are one of the 2 centres available in the draft this year better that Krausnick? That's the question. With 3 years under his belt in the league, I'm sure he'd be ahead of the rookies to start the season. Question is how long would it take for the 2 rookies to get up to speed and be dependable at the centre position.

He might be better to start the season, but what about by the end, or next season? I don't know.
Passing on solidifying the position for many years (if that is the case) because there is a bandaid for the short-term that isn't a long-term solution would;d be poor planning. The Rouge-et-Noir need to be thinking multi-year.

That's definitely the question. But how much better short. mid. long term. Krausnick is fairly experienced and a long snapper as well. Played in 30 games with the Riders & 12 with the Esks. Red flag on him is two nagging knee injuries.

Is using the #1 overall pick on a centre worth it? I'd say the REDBLACKS are in the position to take best player available rather than having to settle for a centre. Because it's not necessarily the "need" position that some make it out to be IMHO.

If an NFL team signs Foucault they know they will be in it for a couple years before Foucault could contribute but that has never scared Popp.

I’m curious to see who the first GM is going to throw down a pick for Tardif.

I am in total agreement with you,idealsheldon,with regards to WR Bailey. I doubt that Jim Popp will select him and I hope not.

Since Duvernay-Tardif and Foucault wont be selected in round 1,due to NFL commitments, Lavertu,Smith, Bailey and Gill become the four best available players,at least based on CFL Scouting Bureau Ranking; unless OL Matthias Goosen is included amongst the first 3 selections, I doubt that Gill will be available when the Als make their selection. Dylan Ainsworth would be my choice.

Presently, I see the first 3 players selected amongst these 4 players;-alphabetical order- Gill,Goosen,Lavertu and Smith.


I agree with you, take a big body with the early pick. But if you look at the last few drafts. Popp's list is quite different than the CFL's scouting bureau.