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Thanks Chill.
Your stuff is always well researched and thought out. Enjoy reading it both here and on the Horsemen

Does the CFL televise their Draft?

Only the first two rounds are broadcast live on TSN starting at I think, 7 P.M. eastern on May 12th ...........not sure if its an hour or two hours worth of content.

Thank you appreciate the info.

Outstanding. Thanks for your hard work.

Looks good except you have my Eskimos taking a DB in the first round... Chris Ackie? I'm not really up to date on this draft class but my initial reaction is a "hell no" unless he's the same caliber as Antoine Pruneau for the Redblacks with being big and smart enough to play LB. I don't see a need for DB for the Esks right now especially since they released Burnett...

On one hand, the Esks are likely going with a Canadian at safety and their best is probably Muamba who two teams have given up on recently. If the Esks see a long-term answer at safety, they could take it. Burnett being released isn't an indicator because he's an import.

On the other hand, the mock draft was done by my associate Barry and I was surprised to see a DB go in the first round. I see the Eskimos having a need at o-line on their analysis: . They had an o-line need last year and went wr, rb, DB, k, dl. Maybe they ignore the o-line again.

Should be interesting to see new mock if you do one after the latest from CFL rankings. Pretty big changes there. I know it does not mean that's who will go where because of the NFL in play for some of those top new entry's but looks very different from last week.

My thoughts exactly on the o-linemen, it'd be nice to see us trade up to grab one of the better ones at the top. And I guess a Canadian Safety is good, I always think DB is all the defensive backs minus the Safety. I put Safety in it's own category. But like I said, I know nothing in this Ackie kid, I assume he played Safety then?

Here is my present CFL Mock Draft for the first 2 rounds of the CFL Draft to be held on May 12,2015 at 20.00 hours.On TSN and RDS 2.


Ottawa Alex Mateas C UCONN
Winnipeg Sukh Chung OL Calgary
Toronto Daryl Waud DT Western
Montreal Danny Groulx OT Laval
BC Brett Boyko OT UNLV
Saskatchewan Sean McEwen C Calgary
Edmonton Jacob Ruby OT Richmond
Hamilton Lemar Durant WR Simon Fraser
Calgary Nic Demski WR Manitoba


Ottawa Shaquille Murray-Lawrence RB UNLV
Winnipeg Addison Richards WR Regina
Toronto Chris Ackie DB/LB Wilfrid Laurier
Montreal Ese Mrabure-Ajufo DE Wilfrid Laurier
BC Tevaughn Campbell DB Regina
Winnipeg Byron Archambault LB Montreal
Edmonton Melvin Abankwah WR/KR St. Mary's
Hamilton James Bodanis OL Michigan State
Calgary Shortill LB McMaster


Chilly does good work!

So far 11 of the top 15 rated players eligible for the upcoming May 12 CFL Draft have either been drafted by an NFL team,been signed as free agents by NFL teams or been invited by NFL teams to mini camps. Many of these players won't make an NFL team but it could take time before they come to the CFL.

In the upcoming draft, most players selected in rounds 1 and 2 will be players already with the NFL. I would definitely prefer,as it was most on the time in the CFL, that the CFL Draft be held roughly 2 weeks before the NFL draft; while this won't prevent players from being drafted or signed as free agents by NFL teams, I am positive that there would be many less players invited to NFL mini camps.


Or more CFL teams would get screwed over already drafting guys that choose to sign to an NFL team anyways.

Truly hate to disagree, as I am a fan of your comments, but I fail to see why a NFL team would not offer a min-camp/TC invite to a player because he was a top pick in the CFL draft. It isn't like the player is going to pass up his NFL chances if he has them,

If players are drafted by CFL teams roughly 2 weeks before the NFL Draft, there are strong possibilities that some of these players may/would sign a CFL contract,before the NFL draft,hence explaining why they would not go to mini NFL camps. An NFL team may draft a CFL rookie in order to retain his rights,once his contract is done, but they would not be able to invite them to mini camps,if they are signed.


It is an interesting argument, Richard, but I suspect that most CFL draft picks, on the advice of their agent, would wait as long as possible before signing a CFL contract. The expansion of NFL training camp rosters a few years back has had a significant effect on recent draft picks signing quickly with CFL teams and, unfortunately, the result has been that draft picks tend to exhaust all of their NFL "opportunities". I doubt that an earlier CFL draft would change that.

This. They used to hold the CFL draft before the NFL draft but once the NFL started looking at some of the top tier CFL prospects, GMs found it hard to sign their top round picks who were holding out for a NFL camp invite and they didn't like the idea of having to draft while blind to players intentions or prospects. The idea was to give CFL GMs a better read on which players may or may not be readily available. Moving it back in front of the CFL draft won't work for player retention. While most of these players have agreed to FA invites and not signed contracts (Boyko and Varga are the only 2 I know of for sure that have signed official contracts), the money involved in earning a NFL spot, even a PR spot, far outweighs what the CFL teams can pay a rookie player. And to dish out massive contracts to rookie draft picks makes no sense in the economics of the CFL. As for the NFL, they get a hungry player looking for a shot and they won't have to pay them any of that $85K or so allotted per team to hand out as bonus money.

The other problem is rookie camps across the NFL are staggered over a 2 weekends and the CFL draft is sandwiched between those weekends. A prospect could go to rookie camp with one team one weekend, not get a deal and then be taken in the first round, but then go to another NFL camp the following weekend. So if anything, it may make more sense to move the CFL draft even further back until all of the rookie camps are completed so GM's have a clearer indication as to which invites have earned a contract.