CFL Draft Apr 30

If the esks Management was smart they would do as I did when I went to my Alma Mater Bishops U and spoke to Leroy Blugh who is the head coach of the gaiters.

After discussing Prospects with mr Blugh I would like to show you the Solid canadian prospects he and I hammered out over a few brews. :slight_smile:


Jean Francois Morin-Roberge A giant tackle 6 6 325 Mr Blugh said he thought that he might be able to crack a CFL team the year he is drafted a great start in my opinion.

Luc Brodeur Jourdain another Monster a Guard at 6 3 326 Once again he says he is a solid O lineman and with a year or two seasoning will be a perennial CFL all star


Darryl Stephenson 6 2 220 a masterfull runner who would Complement any team and a possible rushing Champion

Mike Griffin FB 6 2 250 a monster who runs everyone over rushed for over 1000 yards last year Mr Blugh said he reminded him of Blake marshall whom he played with.


Dan Bass Jr MLB 6 2 225 Very talented player 1st team all star and in Mr Blughs opinion could be as good as his dad.

Shea Emry LB 6 1 235 super pass rusher good in coverage as well will be a star in the CFL

Dylan Barker Safety 6 4 200 Hits like a ton of bricks is great in coverage and hands like glue. a fierce competitor and reminds Mr Blugh of Donnie Brady so a great option.

Kick returner

Gary Ross 5 9 178 a speedster and turns on a dime Mr Blugh figures he will set the Cfl records for Punt returns if he gets the chance.

All of these kids are Canadian and I truly hope the Eskimo Brass can pull their Heads out of whatever hole they have them in and snag a few of these players.

Btw I wish they would bring Leroy to the Esks as head coach he said it would be a dream job for him.

Keep dreaming Leroy ... keep dreaming.