CFL Draft 2019

Looks like TOR has already chosen their #1 pick

Hamilton, you are on the clock! :slight_smile:

Gives them lots of time to chose or make a trade to a team that wants to move up

Richards agent is the infamous Jonathan Hardaway, so we will see if Popp has trouble getting a signature. He had stated he wanted his 1st choice signed before the draft.

Sheldon, correct as usual! 8)

It is surprising that another Hardaway client, quality National LB Chris Ackie, hasn`t surfaced with anyone as yet.

Good point Sheldon. That is surprising.

Really hope this kid gets over the $100K hump. Its about time for the top picks in the draft to break through this barrier. Goes a long way to raising the profile of the league to the average sports fan and is only 10-15% higher than what has (reportedly) been the norm now.

Not certain that $100K makes ANY kind of difference in how casual fans view the league when NHL rookies can make a couple of million with bonuses their first few years … only the on field product can win over fans and get positive attention.

The League has not had an impact player drafted 1st overall since 2015(Alex Mateas-redblacks)
and many years before that.

The success rate of #1 overall picks in this League is brutal. :-[

No, it does. Of course it pales in comparison to leagues like the NHL, but the difference between $90,000 and $100,000 is enormous. It just both sounds and looks better. If you can say that your top draft pick is making 6 figures immediately out of school, it makes your league sound more “big time” (especially with the younger generation).

True. The “bust” factor in this league is EXTREMELY high. Heck,last year’s first overall pick doesn’t even want to play football as of right now! Thats a bust before you even step on the field. We need to eliminate those occurrences.

But with that being said, you still have to put your best foot forward and hype up your first round selections.

And the draft is officially on…

On a side note, are there any other draft parties other then the one the Argos apparently have going on?

To almost no one’s surprise, Crescent Heights High School’s own Shane Richards goes first overall to the Argos.

The Eskimos take a chance on Laval’s MATHIEU BETTS. This could be an absolute steal as I cant see him sticking around in Chicago

The Bombers take the biggest risk/reward entity JONATHAN KONGBO wit the next pick. If he can get come back from that torn knee, he will be hands down the best player in this draft. The only risk then would be that he might bolt for the NFL shortly thereafter.

Could be a massive pick up by the Bombers.

Argos take O’Connor and they now have three Canadian QBs. I guess there are ratio changes coming??

TSN f… up the shift to again this year… amazing!
They’ve missed the whole third round.

Starting to feel like CFL time again!

Thought they released Picton or do they have another one .

Disappointed Ottawa didn’t get him .

Maybe they grabbed him for trade bait .

Nope, still there:

I was hoping for Calgary since they develop quarterbacks well there. It would have been nice to see competition among teams rather than all of them in one spot. I think only Hugo Richard with the Alouettes is the other one. We’ll see if Merchant signs as an undrafted free agent.