CFL Draft 2008

Onknight, I think that thinking Barker can start right off the bat is for the most part wishful thinking. Even if he did start I guarantee you it would cost us a few games.

Having said that, that's not a reason not to draft him. All CIS players are going to take time to develop into the CFL game. The thing is that Giguere is the best athlete in the draft and was showing in the 1 on 1s and other drills that he has the best stuff. You claim that we are deep at WR. That may be true -- until Miles or Murphy goes down, then we're no better than last year. We need to stock this team with receiving prospects.

I also believe that our Safeties are not as bad as you make them out to be. I believe both Beveridge and Gauthier are capable of starting. I'm particularly impressed with Gauthier who brings a Hitchcock like physical presence to the backfield. You can say what you want about our guys, but so far they are WAY more proven than Barker in that they have been learning the CFL game and have game experience.

Edit - Note on him being overweight:

Even if he is overweight it clearly has not hindered his performance as he is clearly the fastest receiver with the highest vertical.

I am not saying we have Good Depth at WR or Slot.
I am Say there is a lot in The Draft.
We could get a WR in 2nd and 3rd .
Who has Much un-tap Talent as Giguere

I have posted my 2nd Mock Draft on my Blog.
My 3rd and Final one will be posted April 28th.
I Did the Mock for everyone in the 1st Round .
But after the 1st Round Only Hamilton Picks.

As For Non Import players we have to play Safety now
there are Depth players IMO
Not Worth Starting .

OnKnight, Giguere is not overweight, he is muscular. That will translate into a professional career where he is durable and not afraid to get physical in terms of blocking and catching balls over the middle.

I actually see Giguere as a Canadian D.J. Flick. They have the same body type and capabilities.

Guys, I would be stunned if Giguere does not sign with a NFL team as a free agent on April 28, the Monday after the NFL draft. If he does, I think the ticats should go after Barker, Shologan or Woodruff. If he doesn't, I think they should draft Giguere first.

Very good Point I agree.

Giguere or another top prospect signing an NFL tryout contract could very well change the mindset of a lot of teams come draft day, including the Ticats.

With his test results, Giguere could sign in the NFL. Same with Shologan (or so he thinks...seems undersized for the NFL to me). But Barker won't be an NFL prospect. So if the Cats want immediate help and they think Barker can start right away, he will be their #1 pick if the others get scooped up down south. Or if the Cats already think they have enough safety prospects in camp, they will trade the pick to a team that covets Barker.

Nice Post..
Your Right
If Obie Feels we have the players to to Compete for the Safety spot with Giguere & Shologan Signing FA Deal with the NFL
We will trade the Pick.

I Still think He take Barker

I started this thread and I am happy we all agree
on the above. If we do get Giguere i think he will
have a outstanding year as well as the cats.


I apologise i didn't start this thread
but it was a good one.SORRY!

Even if he does sign down south, Giguere doing so doesn’t mean anything. Why? Because you should take the best player in the draft, if we think that’s Barker – so be it. If we think it’s Giguere, then we take him.

'Cause even if he does get signed, it’s no guarantee he’ll stick.

What if he dose sick and We Waist the top pick draft.
Look at the Argos they Draft a an OL a few years ago.
They Drafted Nick Kaczur
He Stuck with a Pats in the NFL
He played in the Super bowl this year.

Do Really want to Risk the 1st pick on a Risk Pick.
A Player Who will be signed to a NFL Deal.
IMO It okay to Risk a 2nd or 3rd Round but a 1st pick.
No way.

kaczur was also drafted in the third round. You have to use educated guesses. Look: everyone thought Lumsden was a wasted pick (not that Giguere is in the same class) and look at how it has payed off.

You draft the best player unless you're sure he's not going to be on the market. Period.

Kaczur was drafted in the 1st round in the CFL draft by the Argos; this was a big-time gamble / wasted pick, because he was a top rated US college ball O-lineman and pretty good bet he would get a serious NFL shot; Giguere is a long-shot at best to get drafted or even an NFL try-out - hardly comparable, but I’d agree it is pretty iffy if not foolish for a CFL team to use a 1st round draft pick on a guy who’s a big risk to get an NFL shot (like Atogwe also, who BC blew a 1st round pick on) - save those gamble picks till later rounds and use a 1st rounder on a guy who you’re pretty sure is going to show up. No real big NFL shot threats on this year’s CFL draft board IMO.

I would be happy with either pick, as we need help in both areas. However i do like Bauman and French, give Bauman some time to develop, and he will be the next Ben Cahoon. French is already a half decent receiver, and we have an old vet who is due for a good season in Pat Woodcock. Either one would help in weaker areas. I just hope Obie finds a monster D-lineman in one of our American camps like Cam Wake.

The Argos drafted Kaczur in the first round in 2005.They also took Federkeil in the first round in 2006 and Clifton Dawson in the sixth round.It looks like the blue team will be waiting for a while for these players to head north.Calgary drafted Jabari Arthur last year and he probably has a better chance in the NFL than Giguere does this year.Of course the Stamps also took Gytvai(sp.)from Michigan State and he has already retired from football .
I agree that the draft can be a crap shoot but you still have to take the best player available.Giguere looks like the best player to me.But what do I know,I voted for KANG. Doh!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

We should pick the best player available, not a guy to fill a need.