CFL Draft 2008

Now that I have 8 teams left in "March Madness",perhaps it will be easier to pick the 48 players that will be drafted in late April. For simplicity sake and ease of reading, I'll list the teams with their picks.A blank means no pick in that round.
TiCats- 1.Giguere Wr. 2.St.Pierre Lb. 3.Tsoumpas Ol.
4. - 5.Wojt Ol 6.Bradwell Wr.

Peg - 1.Firr Wr. 2Shaw Lb. 3.Brodeur J. Ol.
4.Gott Ol. 5.Onofrychuk Lb 6.Logan Wr.

Argos- 1. - 2.Thind Ol. 3.St.Pierre Ol.
4.Scott Wr. 5.Giffin Rb. 6.Carter Db.
6.Pinder Lb. 6.Kennedy Dl.

Als - 1.Araki Lb.1.Stephenson Rb. 2.Labbe Lb.
3. - 4.Zelinski Db. 4.Hilaire Dl.
5.Godding Wr. 6.Bouchard Ol.

Sask- 1.Woodruff Ol.2.Lumbala Rb. 3.Willets Lb.
4. - 5.Cooper Dl. 6. -

BC - 1.Newman Ol. 2.Brown Db. 3.Hargreaves Sb.
3.Kashama Lb. 4.Labatte Ol. 5.Stadnyk Dl.
6.Garby Qb.

Esks- 1.Barker Db. 2.Messem Rb. 3.Shalogan Dl.
4.Lagace Wr. 4.Schiavone K. 5.Hunter Ol.

Cal - 1.Emry Lb. 2.Sorensen Ol. 3.Kapalanga T.E.
4.Stinson Wr. 5.Okpro Db. 6.Ortiz Dl.

The Canadian College Draft sheet is available on the TSN website.I used it as a guide and tried to draft with team needs in mind.Give it a shot and see how you do.The list of draft eligible players is on the CFL site.Who knows,maybe Obie will invite the best postings to the Cat "War Room" on draft day.
P.S.I'd love to see Cousin Vinny's picks posted.The man knows football.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

sorry Pat I see Taking us Barker 1st ..

WR Is less of Need then Safety.

We have not had Solid Play back there since Hitch.

He too good to pass up there other WR we could get the 2nd and 3rd Round

Your picks look good, Pat.

I could see us taking Giguere at #1 because he has a great combo of strength and skills, and he would be a great compliment to Bauman. A super canuck one-two receiving punch.

I also think (like you) that if Barker isn't taken at #1, he will go #2 to the Eskies.

Plus, I think it's highly conceivable that the Als will take Aracki with their #1 pick, because his Dad served them well in his time in Montreal, and they know his football bloodline well.

Furthermore, Emry, the best LB in the draft, could very well be taken by Calgary with their #1 pick, after they cut Canadian LB Scott Coe.

I don't think we'll take St. Pierre with our #2 pick, however. I think we'll take Darryl Stephenson there (if he's still available) to back up Lumsden. I think we'll take St. Pierre if he's available in round 3, however.

i dont see the esks taking Schiavone
they have what 3 kickers now.

Pat - nice list

  • who is Carter - the DB you have the Argos interested in?

Also - noticed the name Brandon Willets (Stanford) on the CFL draft list and I see you have him named as a possible Riders pick - he wasn't on the Stanford roster last season, and I've only seen mention of him being on their roster in 06 and haven't found any playing stats for the guy - not sure what the story is on him? Might be pretty impressive to a CFL team if he was on a big DI program roster at one time, and wouldn't be surprised to see him picked, but I wonder if he still plays football or was ever any good at it?

Also think Sorenson will be picked before Newman and he's from BC so maybe the Lions would take him?

And I'll bet O-linemen Tsoumpas or Jon St. Pierre go well before Thind, and like to see the Argos get either of them instead (also like to see them get Adam Rogers too for some much needed O-line help, but you don't have him drafted?)

Can't see Shologan falling to the 3rd round - unless he gets drafted/signed in the NFL before CFL draft day (but - Crawford fell to the 3rd round last year after being a supposedly top prospect).

You never know with CFL drafting - bizzarreness happnes often IMO - but interesting mock list you have there.

i also dont see bradwell dropping to the ticats during the 6th

Michael Carter is a DB at Maryland. 5'11" 175 Windsor Ont.Sandwich Secondary School.He was listed as a senior but is not on the draft list at the CFL website.
My reason for dropping Bradwell to the 6th round was that he was injured at the evaluation camp so no 40 times or shuttle times were recorded.
I didn't think BC would trade for Pikula(a kicker)last year but they did, only to move him this year for a better draft pick.I think Canadian kickers are like Canadian O Linemen, you can never have enough.There will be competition in Edmonton for the kicking job this year, so why not add Schiavone to the mix?
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Barker is not neccessary a starter right
away, but Giguere is for sure.
Giguere could be a deep threat.
we will have two threats on offence
which all other teams use imports
and we use canadians.
That is definitely different.

You go with the best player, you never fill needs through the draft considering these guys are rarely ready to play and your safety must be your smartest player on defence. Going with a raw rookie Canadian safety would be a disaster, you need someone who understands what an offence is trying to do to him and someone who won't be baited into blowing coverages. Every pass play on every down is a play designed to move the safety where they want him to go.

1984 - Laurent DesLauriers (UBC) - 9 interceptions and named CFL All-Canadian all-star team safety for the Esks as a "raw rookie" - real "disaster" that was.

1977 - Paul Bennett (Wilfrid Laurier) - Argos 1st draft pick / raw rookie - 4 INTs and named CFL all-star safety - another disaster

We need defence...I know this is simple, but its clear to see. It was demonstrated last year how far a team can get with a stellar defence (argos). With Printers and Lumsden, Setta, Miles and even Baumen if he comes around, which is very possible, I believe this team can put some points on the board. They can not however if our offensive guys arent on the field imo. I dont have great football knowledge as I am younger, but I could see other teams march down the field on us on more then one occasion and I saw blown coverage and corners look amature. I think picking up Giguere looks good in the news and to sell tickets but is it the best move for the TEAM. If so, then I am all for it! I want to see wins or improvement this year. I hold all accountability on the very capable management which is FINALLY in place to get this done.

Question..Is it possible to pick up a top canadian DB? Is it worth it? It seems like this position is reserved for americans

You are right, there is more chance of success
with an american in that postion than there is a
canadian. Most of the canadian DB's are average
at most. Once in a while you will get a real good
one. But i wouldn't take that chance when there is
a real good canadian receiver to be picked up that
can make a difference.

If he is the best player then draft him, if he's smart enough then start him. But you're talking about guys from over 20 years ago.

Having a rookie safety is like having a rookie q.b, you really need someone who has experience in this league and understands CFL offences or else you'll see him giving up at least 2 or 3 huge plays each game due to blown coverages. OC's aren't stupid, if they see a rookie in there at safety they're going to attack him deep every chance they get.

Draft Barker 1st .
In the 2nd We should be able to get Mac WR Mike Bradwell
As he stock has Drop his Injury at Conbine..

I dont know.. I'd have to go with Pat and say that Samuel Giguere would be #1, not that i don't think Barker is good, its just i think that Giguere is better. This is based on the profile videos + the camp results, i have never seen them play in a game.

I have a feeling that Giguere will make
2008 canadian rookie of the year where
ever he plays.So why shouldn't be the Cats.

Think about how great a season Giguere could have with the Cats with Printers at QB, Miles and Armstead spreading the coverage, and Lumsden keepoing the D honest with his running.

I agree with the poster above that if we don't take Giguere, he will have a monster year with someone else. It will be like Fantuz in Riderville all over again.

The Defence Player is the Safer top Pick.
Mike Bradwell will be there in the 2nd
We'll get a Kid Who IMO is just as good Giguere.
Plus He a Mac Guy.

Bradwell is 6.3 200 Pounds.
Giguere is only 6 Ft and Needs to lose Weight.
He should be 185 to 200 Tops for his Height.
He need lose 15 Pounds He is two heavy at 215

WR there is a Ton Of Depth This year.
there as Not Much Depth at Safety .
Barker Stand head and Shoulders about every other Defence Player this year
We need More help there IMO.

WR/SB Normally don't make a Huge Impact in there rookie year look Even Andy had Bad 1st year
We draft one last year who Had the Droppies.
We don't need another in the 1st.

If Giguere can out run the DB’s now at
215 by 5 yards plus then at 185 to 200
he will be even better!!!
I think this should be a no brainer!