cfl draft 2008 top prospects

hey looks like we have top pick again so who looks good for nxt years draft hope there is a good safety in there who can hit and cover good we need one.

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Duane Fordes thoughts on propects for the 2008 draft:

Regardless, based on those two factors, next year’s draft appears to be a pretty good one. It will include no less than 10 offensive linemen from NCAA Division 1 programs, not to mention CIS studs Adam Rogers (Acadia), Jean-François Morin-Roberge (Montreal), and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain (Laval), plus a couple of 300 pounders from NCAA Division 2 schools. Top prospects at other positions should include defensive linemen Keith Shologan (Central Florida) and Dan Kennedy (Ottawa), running backs Darryl Stephenson (Windsor) and Rolly Lumbala (Idaho), linebacker Shea Emry (Eastern Washington), receivers Matt Lagace (Harvard) and Terry Firr (Manitoba), defensive backs Sammy Okpro (Concordia), Corey McNair (Western Ontario), and Dylan Barker (Saskatchewan), and perhaps the best kicking prospect in several years in Derek Schiavone (Western Ontario).
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Is the WR from Mac #21 available? He looked good against Western.

I also like Stephenson from Windsor. A nice back up to Jesse. Similar running styles. However I wouldn't take him #1 overall.

We need Derek Schiavone.......
Havn't seen him but we need a good CDN. kicker.

:D :D :D

Setta is doing great! Both roles, IMO...

Kicking WAS a problem, not now.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yup Setta is doing well at both positions and he's an import.

If a good Cdn mentors under him he's there in case of injury and the future IMO.

Is Derek is a blue chip prospect we can takle him.

we should trade our 1st overall pick and get someone in here that can help this team right away. whether its a receiver or a defensive player. i believe this team has enough young players currently being developed.

draft a bunch of ncaa canadian offensive/defensive lineman.

I haven't seen the O-Linemen Duane mentions from Montreal, Laval and Acadia but they probably play in the league some day. The first two rounds will probably go heavy with the NCAA O-Linemen, but most of them will be another year away before they can come to the CFL.
IMO RB Darryl Stephenson 6'02 225 Windsor, DT Keith Shologan 6'02 290 Central Florida, DB Dylan Barker 6'04 220 Saskatchewan, DT Dan Kennedy 6'04 290 Ottawa and K Derek Schiavone 6'01 200 Western should all be high draft picks and are in their Senior year.
Appears to be a better draft then this year, especially with all the O-Linemen being available at a non-import position.

we’ve already done that, we’ve actually got a great young stock of NI OL Talent… just a matter of letting them mature/ earn a spot.

Draft the best player available because our young NI talent is spread ALL over the feild right now.

on offense:
Bauman, Ralph, French (kinda…) Lummer, Radlien.
on Defense:
Roberts, Nedd (possibly) Gauthier, Beveridge, Mariuz, karikari
On Oline:
Dyakowski, Ince, Rempel, Gagne-Marcoux, Hudson, Hage…
Reid, Bekasiak, Wayne, Dunbrack…

It’s all great talent and almost all of it young… (the bolded may be over 28)

we don’t really have a position of “need” per se… just pick the best players available and let the talent work itself out in camp.

Stephenson and Schiavone should garner mild NFL interest. Schiavone, moreso…this kid is FOR REAL. I saw him play in the 06 Yates vs. Laurier, easily one of the better punters i’ve seen. Reminded me of Jon Ryan. IMO they’re the early frontrunners for the ‘East rep’ in the NCAA shrine game.

Stephenson has to start producing against the big guns. Lumsden used ot rush for 100 yard games against Western and Laurier, Stepehenson can only seem to do it vs. York and Toronto who are simply abysmal football clubs

isn’t pretty sad, that we have all these 1st round picks, yet the team still sucks, in how many sports leagues cam you have 4 first round picks playing for you, and you still have the worst team in the league.