CFL Double Standard?

So it is reported that the CFL allowed the Bombers to put Simpson on the 9 game over his objection, yet told a couple of teams last year that they could not do this, including the Riders. Had the Riders been able to do so, it would have reduced their Salary by some $50,000. Now remember that the team was fined for going over the SMS last year. see link to the story below.

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The league will make a ruling on the situation, fairly soon. He is hurt, just don’t know if it’s 9 games worth ?

I firmly believe they are punishing him.

Its about time the league closes the loophole. Bombers aren't any worse offenders than any other team but the injured list has become THE holding spot for teams to hide payroll.

it's one thing if they agree to it.

but if they don't agree to it, that's different.

BS...Players are colluding out of lack of choice.

I never really liked the fact that teams were putting uninjured (or mildly injured) players on the 9-game list. The purpose of this list is to protect players with long-term injuries without having their salaries under the cap, not to circumvent the SMS. All teams have done it at some point, I'm sure, but it definitely should not be allowed, whether the player agrees to it or not.

I'll bet that if the league takes away the teams' right to recall a player from that list after fewer than 9 games, you'll see it used that way a lot less.

you know, I really couldn't care less if teams hide players on the 9 game injured list, as long as ALL teams have the same rules to abide by.

I'd like to see them come up with a shorter list like a 6 game list. It's happened before where a player is hurt and will be out between 3-6 games and teams have no choice but to put him on the 9 game list and have the player healthy and sitting for the final 3 games.

One other thing I would like to see is that once you are on the 9 game you do not have to be put on it again once the nine games are up. The 9 games should be the minimun. SO in other words, it it take you 12 games to heal it is still considered that the 10-12th game was a continuation of the original 9 game.

I agree with that, leeinq. Once the nine games are up, they remain on that list until they are ready to be activated, whether that be 9, 12, or 18 games.

Maybe they could allow a player to be recalled from the 9-game list, as they do now, but only after, say, six games.

I would really like to see the form that the league uses to know exactly what the wording is. I'd like to know whether the wording says that the player acknowledges the move or whether he acknowledges and agrees.