CFL doomed????

ok...under Tom Wrights leadership, then CFL has seen attendance and TV ratings grow, more sponsorships, and now the possiblitiy of expansion as well as a salary cap. I THINK ITS HARD TO ARGUE ITS COINCIDENCE!!

u would think that it would be in the CFL's owners best interest to give him a long-term contract.....yet they offer him ONE YEAR....which he has accepted ( im sure in an attempt to wow his detractors and gain 100% support ).

IF the CFL board of gov'ns are too stupid to keep the CFL DOOMED???

( when i say 'doomed', i dont mean fold over night....i mean the fall of teams one by one, til the league is a joke . teams that were struggling b4 Tom are now thriving)

possibility of a salary cap? it already exists.
It just isn't enforced at all...and is misinterpreted by alot of teams.
The 'have' teams see it as a minimum they should spend.

If I remember correctly, I think it is somewhere around $2.3 million, but I could be wrong.

There is no salary cap. Period. And no the CFL will not be doomed.... Comissioners have always been puppets and that's why Wright wants the board to clarify his job. He's done a great job though.... I wish they'd sign him to a long term deal.

Tom Wright was on the score, after he inked the contract and said he wants to implement a cap....maybe he meant 'correct' the cap or simply inforce

Oh, there's one on paper, a spending limit of some $2.44 million per team, as of midway through last season when rosters were expanded. But that number means about as much as an Oakland Raiders curfew during Super Bowl week.

Previous CFL commissioner Michael Lysko vowed to begin enforcing the cap, but he didn't last long enough to even give it a try.

Current commish Tom Wright hasn't been around long enough to know how to go about it.

That leaves the nine CFL governors to police themselves and, judging by what Blue Bomber super-boss Lyle Bauer was saying yesterday, it's not going to happen. At least, not retroactively, meaning those who broke the rules in 2002 won't be punished in any meaningful way.

From this article:

So yes EEsks, there is a cap. Thank you.

Someone has GOT to enforce this. Then we'll see the big name players spread around and not be condenced into single teams

Some influential people will never agree to a cap. Why do you think
they offered Wright only a yr, theyre scared of him getting too much power.

You think some owners and gms dont realize how popular Wright's becoming
with the fans.

And how unpopular THEY're becoming

You know, I wonder if Wright, the GMs/Owner, players, coaches or people from TSN/CBC ever come onto here. Not to post just to look around. I wish they would so that they'd know how we felt.