CFL Dominates Weekend TV Ratings (merged)

Your sole purpose here is to stir the pot! We all know that you prefer the NFL to the CFL.

Frankly no one here cares.

Cleary people do or they wouldn't be replying. :lol:

I mean someone on here actually think Rogers counts the Ratings when infact it's Neilsons research lmao.

All together, kids...

sing "The internet is for trolls. The internet is for trolls. Spewing garbage from their holes. Internet is for trolls." /sing

trollgo bills but your feebly little mind makes you think we care.

Argos-Bills, baseball is a dying sport in this country, Ottawa is losing their AAA team soon it seems.
And this argument that no matter what the numbers are, the Argos don't matter in Toronto. Ah yes, this is the old "Torontonians don't care". People like you say this but really it is one huge cop out and just saying this because people in Toronto just can't stand losing to the Cats, it scares the living daylight out of them to lose to dirtly little old Hamilton that their coping mechanism is to say they don't care, doesn't matter at all. Torontonians would rather lose to the Red Sox or Yankess than the Ticats, football fans or not - and you know it buddy, big time! It's the oldest coping mechanism in the book.

I recament that we just ignore this guy from now on, he isn't worth our time or energy.


Earl, the CFL has failed twice in Ottawa lol.
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats? No one cares about em. Just like the Argos when they would come to highschools and people would go to their assemblys just to ditch class. :smiley:

Hey Argoballs how many NFL teams have failed! Just because teams have failed does not mean anything! Just maybe you should ask good Ole Bush for citizenship. You would fit in with the arrogant fathead of yours. :lol: