CFL Dominates Weekend TV Ratings (merged)

The weekend TV ratings are out in the Globe and Mail, and once again the CFL had not only the top rated sports event of the weekend (ARgo -Ticats), but had most of the top rated shows for the weekend.

On Sunday night the Winnipeg-Sask game doubled the ratings the baseball game got on Sportsnet.

Head to head on Monday the Calgary-Edmonton game on TSN beat the Blue Jays by almost double. And on the same day, the poor old nobody cares about ARgos somehow almost tripled the Blue Jays ratings. On Friday the Als-BC beat the Jays game by 120,000 viewers HEAD TO HEAD!

But does the writer, William Houston, make any mention of the CFL's TV domination? Hell no. His main article is about the NFL. What do you expect from Hogtown, eh?

So all you naysayers out there? YOu can't argue with the cold hard facts can you? Next time you try to make an arguement, bring facts to back you up. Or go away.

Where are you getting this info?

You have to buy the Globe and Mail. To see it on their website you have to subscribe.

argo will state them latter.

post the numbers....where is argotom when u need him?

How hard is it to beat out the Jays? The slowest game on earth. Anyone who watches baseball on TV must have a boring life.

I'll second that Liobacker. But really, it is pretty good to beat out the Jays, I mean we are talking here a city and environs of approx. 6 mill people. But, as you say, it is slow and boring and maybe not much of an accomplishment really when you put it in this perspective.

No one cares about the CFL in city. Well I shouldn't say no one because they do have their fanbase as niche as it might be.

The CFL can tripple their ratings in the western portion of this country, but still no one here really cares. Hamilton is pretty big on CFL, but not toronto. Look, the Argos have the most success of any team in this city, and it's true, but they get so little coverage.

The Jays still drawing that many viewers when they are clearly out of it is a good thing. Now if they were actually going to the post season or something that number would be way higher. What do Grey Cup games average in Ratings? 3 - 4 million viewers and thats with 8 (sometimes 9) CFL teams in the market? When the Jays were in the world series they had some of the highest numbers in Television sports history over here, only recently beaten by the 2002 Olympic gold medal game. That's with only 1 team in all of Canada now.

I don't know why you guys care so much about the CFL being popular in Toronto when it will never happen unless you can sign guys like Reggie Bush straight out of college.. all the time. No one gives a crap about the likes of Milt Stegal here.

It's the only reason I tease you guys so much, clearly the CFL is popular in other parts of Canada, but it's not in this city. Deal with it.

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The numbers are there whether you like them or not Trollgos Bills

Now is this not a waste of a post! Mighty high on yourself! I think your son has been on here lately right playdough88.

You are out to lunch Argos Bill. AGain you're one of these guys who spouts facts with nothing to back them up. But I have facts. The highest rated sporting event on CAnadain TV this weekend was the ARgos-Ticats Labour Day game. 650,000 viewers. The Jays did a pitiful 290,000 viewers. Considering the hype and coverage the Jays get, that pretty sad wouldn't you say? In fact the CFL destroys baseball on TV. It also does better than the NFL. Those are the facts. Not back to the fiction. Post away!

I'll bet the Grey Cup this year will be watched world wide thanks to webcast and pull in more viwers than ever, and the # even rivals the Super Bowl this year.

The Grey Cup always outrates the Super Bowl in Canada.

Now do you really expect Argoballs to understand these stats. NOPE! Good post!

Now it will on an international online level!

I'll do my part by having everyone I know in Australia watch online, and they will be on the lookout for me.

You really need to stop speaking on behalf of other Torontonians. It's clearly you that have the problem.

BUW, Argoton, where are those numbers?

The weekend TV numbers are out and the CFL did well, but like the entire year, we are down when compared to last year.
I am not sure what can be attributed to this difference, but would suspect the Gades factor and for which the BOG likely did not anticipate.

  1. CFL, Argos vs. Ticats, Monday CBC @645,000 very good numbers but down 18% from 05
  2. CFL, Esks vs. Stamps, Monday CBC @ 442,000 which is down 10% from 05
  3. Baseball, Jays vs. Boston, Sunday Sportsnet @ 414,000, Ted Rogers must be letting Godfrey count just like the bogus attendance numbers at the for you and two for me?
  4. CFL, BB vs. Sask, Sunday TSN @322,000 which is slightly above the average
  5. Baseball, Javs vs. Boston Friday Sportsnet @295,000


Yeah, Ottawa and the sch is hurting ups big time.

but hey, at least the P Bowl is above average!

You are in the above niche...