CFL dominates weekend ratings again.

Here are the most-watched English-language sports broadcasts for the past weekend, according to BBM Canada overnight ratings:

[b]1. CFL, Tiger-Cats at Roughriders, Saturday, TSN: 1,035,000

  1. CFL, Blue Bombers at Stampeders, Saturday, TSN: 884,000

  2. CFL, Lions at Eskimos, Friday, TSN: 801,000[/b]

  3. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Sunday, Sportsnet: 573,000

  4. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Saturday, Sportsnet: 526,000

  5. Auto racing, NASCAR Pennsylvania 500, Sunday, TSN: 429,000

  6. MLB, Indians at Blue Jays, Friday, Sportsnet: 412,000*

  7. Auto racing, F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 336,000

  8. Track and field, Canadian championships, Saturday, CBC: 197,000

  9. Extreme sports, Summer X-games, Sunday, TSN: 196,000

11. CFL, Pre-game show, Friday, TSN: 157,000

  1. Athletics, ITU Triathlon, Saturday, CBC: 145,000

anyone know what the argos - als game drew on thursday night?

Where is the Argos / Als game?

Did Toronto ignore the game and Montreal watch it exclusively on RDS?

this list is weekend ratings, and the als - argos was a thursday nite.
i wish there was some way we could find numbers for thursday games.

I'm surprised the pre-game is that low. The rest of the numbers are great tho.

Over 800,000 for the three weekend games? I haven't been keeping track of this, but is that normal for this season? Those seem like phenomenal numbers, especially the 1 million+ for Hamilton-Saskatchewan.

lol.. the fact that the pregame is even in the top 11 says alot.

cfl is gonna get a fat tv contract from tsn in a year or so.

The ratings are even better than last year.
Over 800 000 averaged is wicked.
Until the NHL comes back, the CFL won't even get a run for it's money in terms of leading TV ratings.
Next TV deal, the owners will be very happy.


add up the baseball games.. u get a total audience of 1940000. 1.94 milllion.

add up the 3 football.. 2720000. 2.72 milllion.

thats all that needs to be said.

Hopefully, so will the players after a new (and much bigger) TV deal helps boost the salary cap which could only help attract and retain top athletes

Where on the list is that other most popular sport. Toronto FC

The CFL pregame show had 50% higher ratings than the TFC game last week. In fact the CFL pregame show's ratings were comparable to the average MLS ratings on ESPN in the U.S.

Looks great, it is too bad that people are not going out to games, like they should be, except for calgary . Sask, Montreal, Winnipeg. the rest of the teams are suffering at the gate.

But as for TV coverage excellent, TSN and the CFL, will have a huge contract when it is up, i say if the numbers continue for ratings the way they are all cfl teams will be getting some nice revenues, and the salary cap would increase.

just gotta give it time and the attendance will improve!

I find it funny how the Riders vs Ti-Cats game got more #'s than the Bombers vs Calgary game..

yet TSN was rebroadcasting the 2nd game (Bombers vs Stamps) on TSN 2 not the first game.

If there are other bidding parties... no competition means advantage networks...

But there will be other bidding parties. CBC wanted to bid for the last contract but wasn't allowed to because of the exclusivity granted to TSN in the previous one. I have no idea whether Sportsnet One will try to make an offer or not when the current deal is up.

It's not popular enough to make the list. Outside some ethnic groups in Toronto, TFC has absolutely zero viewer interest. It gets a LOT more media attention then it deserves, largely due to its owner and the Toronto centric media trying to hype it up.

Whoever made the CFL schedule for August ought be taken out somewhere to a place like Yellowknife and locked away for good.

Next weekend rocks with 4 games on 4 nights though, but this weekend I hate two nights of doubleheaders instead of spread out as well as the scheduling for the bye weeks for the last two weeks though all the same I can understand the need for a bye week before Labour Day weekend.

It's not as if many of us usually do not have more going on for sake of Friday or Saturday nights than on Thursday or Sunday nights you know. :x