CFL doesn't use backs as receivers ???

Check this quote from by Lee Woodall, now an Argo.

"I noticed that in the CFL they don't use the backs as a receiving threat," Argonauts linebacker Lee Woodall, a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a veteran of more than a decade in the NFL, told The Toronto Sun for a Sunday story. "But I'll tell you, if the Argos get Ricky, that's one of the factors you can put on your plate."

I hope he holds onto this concept when the regular season starts. Where did he get this idea that we don't use backs as receivers? It is a rarity in the NFL compared to here.

we dont?...jeff johnson, josh ranek and charles roberts all did last season.

i recall, last season in ottawa, a play where; joseph hands the ball to ranek, then runs down field...ranek throws downfield to joseph for a completion.....a season highlight in my eyes....czught everyone offgaurd.

As has Rufus Crawford, Archie Amerson et al.

Clearly he has no clue what he's talking about.

I think the league has better receiving backs then Ricky already. Ranek, Roberts, Keith, Holmes.....they can all catch the ball very well outta the backfield and Ricky was never known for that in the League.

exactly ( i cant believe i forgot holmes )

Come on guys, it's not that difficult to guess why he said this in his first CFL camp.

In preparing for this first pre-season game,

Lee has not seen the Argo Offence run passing plays to the running backs.

Maybe he just didn't notice them running such plays

or maybe he just gave the Tiger Cats a clue.

If you follow my train of thought.

Just for fun, checked Ricky Williams' stats for last year. In 12 games he had 17 catches for 93 yds. Yeah, that is really going to be something see!That sure was a play that the Dolphins used a lot. What a concept, throwing to a running back.............