CFL Doesn't Suport CIS!!!!

Other then the BC Lions the CFL does nothing to suport or promote their stars of the future..The CIS.
First off the CFL allows TSN to sluff CIS games off on Shaw and The Score Two networks that nobody watches (if you don't believe me check out TFC's numbers on Sportsnet,CBC and The Score... It's somthing like 70K for RSN, 100K for CBC, and 20K for The Score).
All the CFL would have to do to get CIS games on TSN would be to give back a mil or so of the TV money they recieve from TSN (a very wise investment if you ask me)
This is obviously a dream as the CFL has gone to a new low this year by basicly destroying the possiblity that anyone will watch the CIS Playoffs by scheduling their own playoffs against the CIS's.
Honestly... the CIS playoffs will be lucky to draw 5K on the score this year because every Canadian football fan will be watching the CFL playoffs.
If the CFL was smart they would give even more TV money back to TSN to compensate for destroying their parent company's NFL ratings and play their playoff games during prime time on SUNDAY ,and would have warm up games CIS Playoffs the day before on TSN.... You'd easily draw 2-3 hundred K for each of the CIS playoff games.... Thus growing the sport at the grass roots level and showcasing your future stars.
A good example is Andy Fantuz... Despite the fact The Score shows only OUA games even here in BC... I was well aware of Fantuz because of hearing his name on a constant basis on Saturdays on The Score.
While we are at it... the CFL should give even more money back to TSN but that money would be redirected to ESPN to make us a goddammed video game... Enough is enough.... WE NEED A VIDEO GAME......
Bottom line if the CFL was smart and looked at the big picture they would void their TV contract with TSN and do a profit deal with TSN like the NHL has with NBC..... In the new deal TSN's 15 percent parent company (ESPN) would show games on ESPN2 and would make a video game for the CFL. The CFL would compensate TSN's 85 percent parent company for eating into their revenue by destroying their NFL ratings... Finally TSN would be forced to show 2 CIS and one Junior football game each week.
Considering that only about 10 percent of all revenue is TV money even if the CFL recieved no revenue from TV....They would easily make up the lost revenue from increased ticket revenue and sponsorship because of all the increased exposure...
Don't forget.... they could publicly announce that they took in no TV revenue for the sake of the Canadian game.... then sell the Grey Cup naming rights for 10 mil a year with little to no backlash because the excuse would be they give away their TV rights so we can have a video game and to support minor football in Canada....
This is all a pipe dream...cause the board of governors like David Brayley are short sighted idiots.....but you all know it would work.

CIS? whats that? some new kind of technical gadget??

The actual fact you never ridiculed or insulted me must mean you actually agree?

How do you come up with these ridiculous posts? Were you dropped as a baby?

Blin, no offence, man, but get a clue...

The CIS schedule...
OUA Quarter-Final: Oct 25, 1 p.m. (No CFL playoff games)
OUA Semi Final: Nov 1, 1 p.m. (No CFL playoff games)
Yates Cup: Nov 8 1 p.m. (CFL Semi Finals 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.)
Mitchell Bowl (CIS Semi-Final AUS @ OUA): Nov 16 3 p.m. (No CFL playoff games)
CIS National Final: Nov 22 2 p.m. (No CFL playoff games)

That information was taken from the Western Mustangs page. The CFL conflicts with one of four OUA game and not the CIS championship.

And didn’t have an article on the top CIS prospects just the other day? Geez, like having Berezin with the CFL wasn’t enough, now we have Blin with CIS...?

Edit: if you look at the CIS playoff schedule, Nov 8 is the only day that conflicts with the CFL, and the only games on that day are the OUA, AUS, and CW Finals. The Finals for QB are on the following day.

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To say the CFL doesn't support CIS is a little strong, but they could do it more prominently. They do have an amateur section on this site, but I don't know if someone just surfing through would come across it under the "news" section.

I know in the US, the NFL sees college football as a bit of a threat I think with fans going to NCAA games for a cheaper ticket price than going to NFL games. In Canada the CIS isn't as prominent and we don't have a huge alumni here that cares about their alma mater football team, or any sport for that matter, as a general rule anyways, most CIS teams don't get a lot of people besides the students to the games. I remember when the U of T Blues, way back, were in the Vanier Cup in the Skydome in Toronto and there were only around 18,000 at the game, pathetic. Right in Toronto.

Should the CFL do more to support the CIS? I suppose but they are two entirely different leagues and entities really. The main thing for me is I'd like the CFL to support kids football programs as much as they can, not sure how much the CFL does in this regard?

The furthest the CFL and CIS should go in partnership is to keep from having high profile games scheduled at the same time. I doubt as if the CFL has the resources to make otherwise significant contributions to the CIS.

Other things that the league's could do (if they aren't already):

-Development of the officiating ranks.
-Establish consensus on rules.
-Cross promote Vanier-Grey Cups (worked out quite nicely in Toronto last year)

It's not up to the CFL to support CIS football.

Even forgetting about the alumni, I don't think most of the schools students support the teams.
I only have experience with the Queens' games. From what I see most of those in attendance are players parents
and regular football fans like myself. These two groups easily outnumber the handful of University students who do attend.

I really liked the way that worked out last year. Would be nice to see more of that in the future.

What I think the CIS should do is have a national advertising campaign featuring some of the CFL greats that have come out of colleges across Canada. "Hi, I'm Jason Clermont, alumni of the University of Regina Rams. Tune into the Score and to watch the Rams versus the Bisons, Saturday @ 3:00".

Another thing they should do a little more of and I think they did it in BC earlier this year, is they should hold a CIS game just before a CFL game and allow free admission to the CIS game if a CFL ticket is shown at the door. Can you imagine how many fans would be in the stands on Labour Day for a DInos vs Bears game. Or a Bisons vs Riders just before the Labour Day Sunday game. Maybe a McMaster vs U of T game on Labour Day? I think once people have the day committed to football they would take it in and that is half the trouble, getting people to get down to a game to see the quality that is there.

The only downside is the CFL may actually lose a few fans once they see the quality of game being played versus the price of a season ticket compared to the CFL.

for those not in the know, i've moved to London and have been AWOL since i got here on labour-day.

London is awesome, and im catching Mustang fever out here.
im tryin to get tix to the homecomming game this weekend.

since my 2 closest CFL teams both suck major ass this year ( ticats and argos ), im not gonna drive over 1.5 hours to see them get destroyed by 30 points...which leaves me payin more attention to CIS football. altho western got thumped last weekend to Queens, its all good.

my comp is down with a virus that i just havent had time to get fixed since ive been here, or i'd be writing on this forum alot more often.

hope everyone is enjoying both the CFL and CIS seasons!!!


...wait, I missed the part about how the Lions are so great because they support the CIS...

What exactly do they do? The SFU vs U of S game packaged as a double-header with the LIons/Riders game?

Wow. Way to go Lions.

The CFL can only do so much when it comes to supporting the CIS. They (CIS) needs to help themselves out a lot more before looking to anyone else to help out. Look no further than this year's Vanier Cup game. Last year it was a part of the overall Grey Cup experience and was attended relatively well. This year would have provided an even better possibility with the Grey Cup being played in Montreal with 2 suitable venues for each game.

Also, the individual schools within the CIS need to do a heck of a lot more to cultivate a culture of attending {insert sport here} games. Way too many teams just play games without giving any incentive for current students aswell as alumni to attend. Having games on networks like the Score and Shaw is fine for now considering the amounts of people willing to watch CIS football . At least the games are being televised!