CFL Documentary

I'm actually surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet.
TSN will be airing a 4 part documentary featuring the Toronto Argonauts which will document their season from training camp to labour day, giving fans an unprecedented perspective of the inside functions of a CFL club.

I'm so excited to see this. TSN has been airing a similar program called "Oil Change" which features the Edmonton Oilers. This new CFL documentary will be done by the same company, and if you've seen the work of Oil Change, you know we're in for a treat.

I did see this geroy. Looking forward to this for sure especially as someone who grew up as an Argo fan. A long and storied history the double has as we know.

Looking forward too it but why the Argos? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cue the "Toronto Sports Network". . .

But really, no matter which team they'd choose to do this with, there'd be people saying 'why not my team'??

For sure they would be. But i am glad it is the Argos. They need better exposure, and this cannot hurt. Plus it probably helps production costs doing it in TO.

Well I'm glad they've already done this with the Oilers... different team, different sport... but its always a little tough when its about a T.O. team...

I wonder if that's the reason they chose Toronto? Toronto is one of the weakest markets in the league, so why not create a special around the Argos, give them some exposure, get people excited about Argos football.

Yeah, I think we all feel a bit sorry for Toronto's CFL representative team. An NFL team in Toronto would be a ho hum rep team in the NFL as well, not one of the biggy franchises. :wink: But the Ford brothers wouldn't want to admit that. :wink:

I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I don't care which team it is about really, but the Argos do need the help. Call it the start of the 100th GC hoopla.

the argos have the most grey cups, oldest team in the CFL, maybe even north america, tons of history, and right in the middle of a rebiulding phase. if not the players, but the management and off field operations rebuild. It seems like TSN radio in Toronto is putting some effort into making the argos their team... wich is awesome. This to me, seems like they are a perfect team to follow around. i find it similar to the edmonton story... a once dynasty trying to rebuild to former glory.