CFL doc by former Tiger-Cat John Williams

Thought I'd share this clip from an upcoming documentary by former Tiger-Cat running back John Williams.

Thanks for this. I remember this being post on here before and I am happy for the reminder. I look forward to seeing the whole show!!

I hope this documentary gets the exposure it deserves so that people of all ages and colours,

especially younger people can see the racism black athletes were subjected to back then

and hear about it from players who went through it. That racism may not be as blatant

but it still exists today. i.e. A coach telling Henry Burris he would be a good safety.

Racism because he was told to switch to safety??? sorry but there have been many examples where a QB was told to switch positions because the coach didn't think they had the ability to play that position in the NFL.
Doug Flutie was told he would never get a chance to be a QB in the NFL and that his only chance would be to go the CFL.

Yep, racism because he was told to switch to safety. Maybe not in Henry Burriss' case, but certainly in Chuck Ealey's. See the documentary on him "the Chuck Ealey Story" for further confirmation. Of course even in that case, the NFL coaches didn't say, "Hey Chuck, great undefeated career and all, but you know, we don't take blacks as QBs around here, maybe you better try something more appropriate like safety even though you've never played it." They just said "You should try safety, we think you'd have a pretty good chance."

As for John Williams, it was his experience so I can't quarrel with him about it.

I would have to say racism as well in most cases with black qb's and not given a chance back in the days. Maybe even today in some circles, not sure. Racism is a type of prejudice though. Being considered too small for a position without being given a true and honest opportunity to show what you have is also a type of prejudice.

Very investing .... Story :expressionless: