CFL Divisional All-Stars Announced

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QB Ricky Ray
RB C.J. Gable
RB Will Ford
R Andre Durie
R Bakari Grant
R S.J. Green
R Chad Owens
T Josh Bourke
T Glenn January
G Chris Van Zeyl
G Greg Wojt
C Jeff Keeping

DT Bryant Turner
DT Khalif Mitchell
DE John Bowman
DE Brandon Boudreaux
LB Chip Cox
LB Robert McCune
LB Henoc Muamba
CB Geoff Tisdale
CB Patrick Watkins
HB Jerald Brown
HB Billy Parker
S Mike Edem

K Sean Whyte
P Josh Bartel
ST Marc Beswick

QB Darian Durant
RB Jon Cornish*
RB Kory Sheets*
R Weston Dressler
R Chris Getzlaf
R Marquay McDaniel
R Fred Stamps*
T Stanley Bryant
T Jovan Olafioye
G Brendon LaBatte
G Jon Gott
C Brett Jones

DT Tearrius George
DT Almondo Sewell
DE Alex Hall
DE Charleston Hughes
LB Adam Bighill
LB Solomon Elimimian
LB Juwan Simpson
CB Cord Parks
CB Dante Marsh
HB Dwight Anderson
HB Ryan Phillips
S Tyron Brackenridge

K Rene Paredes
P Rob Maver
ST Larry Taylor

Congratulations to all. Very well deserving. Special note to C.J. Gable, Brent Jones, Cord Parks & Mike Edem ... All-Stars in their rookie seasons ... Especially the 2 Canadian boys Jones & Edem ... Well done ... Speaks volumes!

Sean Whyte as all-start kicker in the east ????????????

My other quibble is about linebackers. The skill set required to play MLB is significantly different when compared to SAM or WILL.

Yet, in the west, they've picked 3 guys all of whom are natural MLBs , and in the east they've got 2 who are natural MLBs.

Wish they'd divide that up like they do with the secondary, where they pick 2 CBs, 2 HBs, and a safety.

Really, no Fantuz?

The only problem I have is Durant being picked ahead of Glenn in the West. Would have been nice to see what the vote split was. Bad choice in my opinion.

Looks like they just took the top four receivers based on total yards.

How many teams regularly line up two RBs vs. one RB and a FB/TE vs. five receivers? So why two RB all-stars?

Which of the 4 receivers chosen for Eastern All-Star would you put Fantuz ahead of?
Andre Durie
Bakari Grant
S.J. Green
Chad Owens

I would also pick Clarence Denmark ahead of Fantuz.

Both very valid points. Of which I've heard a few CFL Analysts & Commentators mention before as well. Forde in particular.

They do need to clean up the All-Star roster process. Definitely need to differentiate between the LB positions & elminate 1 RB & add a FB/TE. Not as much of a concern, but I'd also add LS to the Special Teams.

rotflmao!!!!! The Alouette fans will have a field day with that selection......Pippin the Hobbit an All-Star!!!! Just shows you how BAD the state of Field Goal kicking is in the Eastern Conference this year :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: one thumb fer each kicker!!!! Kind of like winning a contest to see whose got the best leg,in a one legged butt kicking competition :roll: :lol: :oops:

Glenn didn't play in enough games. He played at a higher level than Durant in the games he did play, but a much smaller sample size. This is what makes me shake my head at the East, Burris should get the honour over Ray. Ray was on pace for one of the greatest seasons as a QB, but so was Sheets at the midway point. That's why they call it a pace, you don't give out awards based on the pace or potential.

Pretty forgettable season for a lot of the Eastern teams this year. A lot of big names hurt. Sadly if you look at the Eastern reps, Whyte is the best pick.

I agree there seems to be a different logic in the two divisions. Glenn only played two less games than Durant however.

I think that Glenn is being snubbed by the voters and is more deserving than Durant.

Well I don't think Glenn was going to make up the 13 TDs or 1400 yards he was behind Durant in those 2 games then :wink: The last memory the voters had of Glenn was him playing awful in a head to head matchup against Durant a couple weeks ago, maybe that lingered in peoples minds.

You might have had me on the stats part but Durant was as bad or worse in their last meeting and he came out of it with the loss. Just that Glenn was awful for a half a game, Durant was as awful for 4 quarters.

Kinda like winning 1rst place prize at the prom for being the least ugliest guy in attendance!!


Whyte...........50......41.......9.......82.0%......48 longest....170 pts
Congi............36......27.......9.......75.0%......46 longest....122 pts
Waters..........25......18.......7.......72.0%......50 longest....81 pts
DeAngelis......23.......18......5.......78.3%.......47 longest....79 pts
PreFontaine..24.......15......9.......62.5%.......44 longest....78 pts

im sure this is a dumb question.. but why do cornish, sheets and stamps all have * behind thier names?

Never a dumb question. They were all unanimous selections.

ok.. lol.. maybe i will dye my hair blonde later..

Durant wasn't fantastic, but he was far better than Glenn.

Durant: 17/31 - 202 yards 1TD 1INT, 4 Rushes 12 yards, 1TD No fumbles
Glenn: 11/17 - 120 yards 1TD 1INT, 1 rush 2 yards, 2 fumbles (probably should have been faulted for at least 1 more that Cornish took the heat on).

The only one I'd put Fantuz ahead of is Owens. I'd also put Denmark and Ellingson (since apparently, pace is a factor and Ellingson had 800 yards before missing the last two months with an injury) ahead of Owens as well. But guys sometimes get these nods because of reputation and despite Owens not deserving the rep he has (let alone the joke of him being last year's MOP), he got the fourth spot based on that.