CFL Division II spring league

I was just thinking if if would be possible for the CFL to create a spring league in cities that don't have teams that have college stadiums where all the players are Canadians, graduates of CIS or NCAA or wherever. Something like a 10 game schedule or something.
One of the problems though would be to finance such a league and this would be a huge problem I think to overcome. What would attendance be also? Just an idea for a boring Friday afternoon.

indoor-Roller football?

Earl, what you basically described is called mens league football. Many province's have it. The leagues are full of ex-CFL'ers, CIS grads, highschoolers, old men, young adults .. you name it ...


Statik, I was thinking along the lines more of possible actual CFL potential calibre players that would actually get a pay check type of thing. Like an NFL Europe but on a much smaller scale of course.

I like your idea Earl, I miss football in the Spring.


Like everything else it costs money.

Where or where do we find Millionairs with money to burn.....tis the question!

I gather Earl is talking about a league like the AF2 where guys earn about $250 a game (which is at least better than paying to be semi-pro). Or an actual farm system?

Could it work? Most indoor and arena teams in the States don't do particularly well, but it might be a management issue.

CIS attendance is maybe the best benchmark for attencdance, and that's not great across the board, either. Maybe being directly tied to the CFL would help that though.

I guess at least some of the places that get talked about for expansion could be thrown a bone.

Regardless of a $250 pay cheque (whats the point .. you arent living off it) ... anything lower in quality than CFL, that is not CIS .. IS mens league football ("semi-pro", or whatever you'd like to call it .. in the end... you are paying physically and financially to play).

I think you'd be surprised by the calibre of (some of) the players in (some of) these leagues ..


Statik, that league you play in sound so cool. I wish BC had one when I was in my 30's and 40's. Even now,All I've ever heard out here is Mens touch & flag.

I’m not knocking the players at all. I went to every home game of the local semi-pro team last year. It’s good bang for the buck and I enjoy the hell out of it.

I was responding to the comment about needing millions to burn to run one of these leagues. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case because some pro leagues pay very little and survive, or in other cases the players pitch in financially for the opportunity to keep playing.

...I'll have to take in one of these semi-pro games, Statik, when/where do you guys play?....

....right now I'm satisfying my football jones watching my 16 year old play in the City Bantam leagues...he made starting squad right corner on the Mavericks, for anyone that knows the Calgary Minor F'Ball leagues....yeah the skill might not be pro level yet but these kids play with tons of heart....

This league may give some in site as to how to make it go-

I think the big problem would be finding players for this type of a league. One thing that could be done however, is if this type of league were to start up, maybe they could develop Canadians at the QB position. Seems the CFL doesnt want to do it, so maybe this league could do it for them.

I think that cities that should be considered for such a league should be:
Halifax (Huskies Stadium)
Moncton (with the new 10,000 seat stadium)
Saint John (Jeux Canada Games Stadium)

Quebec City (Stade Du PEPS)
Sherbrooke (There is like a 12000 seat stadium there)

Kingston (Richardson Stadium)
London (TD Waterhouse)
Windsor (the University Stadium)
Sudbury (Laurentian University)

I like these locations too because they are close and if you did it in geographical clusters the travel costs would be way low.

Why not use existing players in the winter for an Arena style game?

Kelowna (Apple Bowl)
Red Deer

haha, this is funny. I made a thread about this awhile back and did some number crunching on how to make it feasible, a CFL2.

although I was thinking at the same time as the CFL, the league would be made up of CFL cuts.

Something like 4 CFL2 teams all affiliated with 2 CFL teams.
CFL2 would have an import/non-import Ratio Greater then the CFL.
So CFL2 teams would be required to have say 12 Non-import Starters and.. 25 Non-Import on a roster of 37?
also Atleast 1 Canadian QB.

the league would need to have a flat salary across the board.
20K or less, that increases with each year of veteran experience by say 1K.
with 4 teams then 12 Game Schedual works.

Although I am more for a 6 team, 2 division CFL2 in which teams play 8 games against division rivals(4 each) and 6 games verse non-division rivals(2 each)
total games 14.

Playoffs are 2 rounds(Division then League)
Seasons League is Done in September, players can go to CFL practice rosters/active rosters.

The league would need to make 2* as much revenue as they pay their players(generally it is the working number, players make say 50%)

So if players make 20K a year, then that is a team salary of say 740K
players earn per week(14 week season), 1.4K(alot more then Semi-Pro leagues, could be scaled down)
Pay could be scaled down alot
10-11K is 750$ a week(which is perfect if housing is provided)
after that revenue per game is:
1.4K372 = 104K to cover the players.
so around 200-210 to cover all.

Revenue per game include all things, tickets + concessions + Sponsorship + TV/Radio

This league could be done, basicly as a development league for CIS grads with some NCAA guys there who need development too.

There would need to be Clauses in a players first contract(rookie/Sophmore)
that would say they must go to this league.
3 year CFL vets+ would have the option to go play if they wanted, possible receiving better pay as "star" players.
to both increase attendance and to help younger players gain experience.

This would be similar to how in the AHL there are ex NHL guys like Mike Keane
A veteran rule would need to be put in that Teams can only have 6 Veterans who have played 3 or more Seasons in the CFL, NFL, AFL and are atleast over 27.(Veterans under 27 would not be counted)

The reason for this would be to ensure the majority of players are there to be in the CFL one day.

In order for this to be a cheaper league(expenses wise)
atleast the Divisions must be close together(total of say 200KM distance)
The Maritimes could work with three teams in Nova-scotia and new Brunswick
and another 3 teams in Quebec or Ontario, but then any inter division Games are bad(Expenses wise).
To combat this, Lowering of inter division games can happen, because moving to a 8 intra and 4 inter is perfect.
Doing that means every week there is:
a East vs. East game
a East vs. West
a West vs. West
Teams would only need to travel to the other conference(and thus possibly use air travel + hotel) 2 times a year and a third if they make it to the league final.

If the Two Divisions have all their 3 teams close to one another then expenses for Travel are a non-issue.
Teams could bus out to a game and back in the same day.

if this is done during the CFL season, Sunday and Mondays would be good days for games(CFL2) as to not Compete with the CFL, if near a CFL city and for TV/Radio coverage.
although the option for Saturday/Sunday is there(but CIS issues)
Pure Sunday could work too, if there is TV coverage the TV coverage could be just of the Intra conference games.
for TV coverage I am thinking the Score or Sportsnet
But perhaps CBC, TSN or another station like Global.(depends where the teams are)

Spring vs. Summer though.

Spring means players can be worn out for the CFL season.
Summer means Prospects will only be in one league.

But summer does seem better to let guys from camps play.
in this 12 week Season if it starts in July it could end second last week of september, Playoffs done first week of october.

Season would/should be pushed earlier, as the CFL season should aswell.
this current CFL season is one week later so the grey cup/Vanier cup line up.
Although CIS football should be 3 weeks longer and 4 weeks earlier, I won't get started on that though.

Overal the league would be very good, with proper marketing it could do very well.
Stadiums as always are the big issue, because they are key to a teams success, in Winnipeg there is a AA baseball team that makes alot of money off it box Seats(23K+ a game)
Having that kind of a stadium for these teams and atleast the same sort of support.. I'd think:
30-40 Luxury Boxes
Charging 1-1.5K per game
that's do-able, that is less then Boxes in Winnipeg for AHL hockey and Lower then alot of the Marlies Boxes in Toronto(Boxes there are 999-1,799 I beleive)

that would be: 210K in Revenue(30 boxes at 1K a pop)
That Should cover expenses, mind you that requires paying Coaches very low and not having many.
so say 3000 fans at 15$ ticket average is the expected level(in 4-5K seat Stadiums so room to improve)
315K$, say have a coaching staff of 3-5 making 25K a peice + Training staff(preferably shared with a local hockey team QMJHL/OHL w/e)
so those two expenses in the range of 150K.

Each teams Revenues would be 525K(without concessions, parking, merchandise) which all goes to pay game-day staff(cheerleaders, Refs, Vendors)

this is all just pulling numbers, all depends on how people react and embrace this league

And I feel that is a problem too big to be overcome ... The CFL has enough trouble on its own, let alone trying to get people interested in its feeder league. The CFL still carries the stigma of being a feeder league to the NFL, as it is. You and I know better, but Joe Shmo doesn't, especially in Ontario!

I do agree with you there.
Ontario is a horrible place for CFL football, although Hamilton is riviving and Toronto was impressive last year.
but Ottawa Died again.

Which is why I like the idea of the Maritimes.
the problem is location for a second group of 3.
and who is going to come up with the say... 120M? to build 6 Stadiums of this size.(20M should be enough for a 6K seat Stadium.)
Whitecaps stadium in BC costs 70M for 15K with a plan to expand to 30K.
So having stadiums build for 6K people(20-25M) with plans to be able and expand them to 10-15K(depending on the League/Cities success) and also "what-if" plans for a max stadium size of 30K one day, if the City responds very well to CFL football(thinking Halifax)
with built in Stadium expansion plans, Stadium will look and be state of the art when expanded(not like Winnipegs pieced together Stadium)

I don't see this as an issue in the Maritimes, they have embraced alot of their sports teams and seem to really like football(CFL team should go there)
as for southern ontario... I am not sure, they need to supply 6K fans + fill the Luxury Boxes.

Tickets will be Cheap ranging for say 8-25$
Local Business leaders will need to be involved, you cannot have outside guys running the show, that has been seen all to often as true(especially american owners)

You'd probably be better off referencing it as mens league .. there are enough ego's in the league already without calling it semi-pro .. hah .. Generally our home games are at McMahon ..

Definately come out some night .. Free to sit around in the stands, have a pop or two (BYOB) .. There are some great rivalries and make for some pretty heated games .. good times!

I'll be switching teams this year .. for the schedule...


Anybody who’s a football fan should go out and support that stuff. It’s a nice time out. I wouldn’t know about that league, but for the Empire Football League around here, tickets are no more than $10.