CFL Div. Semi Final Picks

Thank you, cheers to all for playing and congrats to the top 8 who move on to the CFL Semi-Finals

1. Abbey 54-27 [+454 (*2
2. Cflukb69- 54-27 [+538 (*1
3. RichardVeilleux 49-32 [+295 (*1
4. Grover 48-28 [+291 (*2
5. rpaege 46-27 [+334 (*2
6. T44- 45-28 [+373 (*1
7. MrLucky 45-32 [+483
8. bobo82- 44-29 [+291 (*3

  1. aulcee 43-34 [+372 (*2
  2. jonny24eh 43-35 [+314 (*1
  3. brianjoxx 42-39 [+218 (*2
  4. IceTheKicker 40-24 [+298
  5. ThomasE 39-27 [+263
  6. Lucas Bellemare 38-23 [+238 (*1
  7. ArgoT 33-19 [+200 (*1
  8. StampsRock! 28-19 [+202
  9. Thrick 27-17 [+245
  10. rcon 26-23 [+17 (*2
  11. Katmandu 25-18 [+225
  12. 97valkyrie 22-38 [+12
  13. KevinRiley2- 20-19 [+189

Semi-Final Games,

BC at Hamilton - Sunday Afternoon
Winnipeg at Saskatchewan - Late Sunday Afternoon



Abe, I believe I got 3 right last week not 2

My record should read 48 and 28, thanks

Thanks Grover for pointing out the error - correction applied.

Congrats to Grover and Bobo! I’m gunning for you next season. I began late but happy with my results. Next year, these guys better lookout!! But in the meantime, Go Guys Go!

Saskachewan. (Something about their home advantage.) Jones pulls the rabbit out of the old hat.


Take note; If a poster from the top 8 does not make Semi Final picks, any poster below the eighth spot submitting their picks can qualify/and or move on to the finals. Cheers

B.C. :-
Wnp. :-\

Tough picks indeed to say the least . Oh well it’s early yet in the week so picks could be subject to change at a later date . For now though I have to go with the Lions as I have no faith in grandpa Jones to make a proper decision if his life depended on it for my Cats. I swear to god watching this guy with some of his mind boggling calls this year I think the man could screw up a two car funeral . In the WSF I have to go Bombers because well I picked them in my Grey Cup pool thread to represent the West and also because of the unknown status right now of Zach Collaros for the Riders .

Good Luck to the other finalists and also anyone else who is still just playing for the fun of it .

Thanks again Abe . ;D

Playoffs 2 years running. Just losing out on top spot.
A lot of luck this season.

Hard to pick again. Maybe when the crossover occurs the third placed team should or have the choice on cross over.

I’m going Hamilton despite the current form. Based on being at home and Bc being the other weakest team left.

I’m going to regret this but im going for Winnipeg for reasons a,b,c . They are in form but i could pick Sask for z,y,x.


Good luck all.

WINNIPEG and B.C. WIN / In the East my wife and I are going to the East Semi Final in Hamilton. We are voting for Hamilton even though we are ARGO fans and live in Toronto. However , Hamilton has too many injuries for my head to pick them to win. My heart wants Hamilton to win.

Change up my pick



Semi Final Picks;

BC vs Hamilton - BC - Hamilton is a good team and deserves better this year, but I think the loss of Speedy B really affects their overall outcome. No dancing on logos this time to stoke the fires, simple hard nosed football by both teams. BC by 3.

Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan - Winnipeg - I would love to have a better idea of if Zach is going to play this weekend or not (my guess is not, simply because they signed Tate), so … Winnipeg by 7

I am stunned that I am the only person in the top 10 not to get at least one perfect week this season. Thanks so much for running this for us Abendschan and good luck to all my fellow competitors.


Thank you.


Hamilton :frowning:
Winnipeg :slight_smile:

9 - so close and yet so far.Good luck everyone and thanks to Abendschan for putting in all the work?


Both on a roll!! Cheers all

The Semi-Final Picks so far in order of rank,

1 Abbey - Ham, Sask
2 Cflukb69 - Ham, Winn
3 RichardVeilleux - Ham, Winn
4 Grover - Ham, Winn
5 T44 - Ham, Winn
6 MrLucky - BC, Winn
7 bobo82 - BC, Winn

8 brianjoxx - Ham, Winn = wildcard birth

IceTheKicker - Ham, Winn
Lucas Bellemare - BC, Sask
Katmandu - Ham, Sask
KevinRiley2 - Ham, Sask
sadargofan - BC, Winn

Both on a roll?
How do you mean?

Hamilton has lost three, Winnipeg has lost one - although in both cases, their last game featured backups as there was nothing for which to play.