CFL Div. Final Picks

Good stuff, cheers to the 4 posters after the semi-finals to move on to the CFL finals in order of rank,

1 Cflukb69- 2-0
2 RichardVeilleux 2-0
3 Grover 2-0
4 T44- 2-0

Next weeks games,

Hamilton at Ottawa - Sunday Afternoon
Winnipeg at Calgary - Late Sunday Afternoon

I finished up with the first place overall award in 2018 regular season standings. The Perseverance award goes to MrLucky for finishing up in the top 8 without a perfect week/and or aggregate pts differential.


Road Warriors

Hey Abe just wondering why I didn’t qualify ? I switched my pick to Hamilton on Sunday just before leaving for the game . My other pick was Winnipeg , so I went 2-0 in the Semi-finals . So did you miss my pick swap out or was there only room for 4 qualifiers for the Finals and my over-all record wasn’t good enough to crack the top four ? ???

Oh well even if I did actually qualify or not here are my picks for the East/West finals ;D

This years Grey Cup aka The Famine Bowl aka The Drought Bowl…for the first time since 1984 (drum roll please)…8)




The picks get tougher.

Week off at home vs a great performance. Though i dont think BC were good.
Im going to say Redblacks.

Id be mad not to pick Winnipeg. Though Home field, rest and 2 weeks to get which ever recievers rested and up to speed is sitting in my head.
Calgary performed in the last regular game when needed against BC (see above).

Ottawa and Calgary.

Having said that Ham and WBB are 3 of my preferences to win the grey cup.

Cfl is a great game shame more of us Brits havent seen it.

Thanks again.

Yes I got the swap however T44 went 2-0 as well, but had more wins with 45 in the final standings opposed to your 44 win total. This is the ranking now since I went 1-1 and out; playoff wins included,

1 Cflukb69 - 56-27
2 RichardVeilleux - 51-32
3 Grover - 50-28
4 T44 - 47-28

All in all the most perfect wins week award goes to bobo82 who finished with 3

So 3 perfect weeks award eh ? Well at least I won something ;D

Thanks for the reply and explanation Abe .

Cheers to all and good luck to the final four . With Grover being the last Cat fan standing I’ll have to throw my support behind my main man Grov to win it all this season . 8)WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 8)


Thanks Abendschan! I can't believe I got that far, without a perfect week!

My picks this week (even though they don't count);

Hamilton vs Ottawa - Ottawa - This is going to be a close game and could go either way, but I just feel that Ottawa has the edge on them, IF (and that's a big if) the "good" Harris shows up. Ottawa by 3.

Winnipeg vs Calgary - Calgary - This is another very close game and I am going to be 100% honest ... this is solely a "heart" pick. Calgary on a last minute/second field goal. Calgary by 3.

Good luck to all those who are still continuing this year!

Calgary ;D



Thank you.