CFL dissed again ...sort of

so I am watching on NFL channel a top 10 bitter endings show. The number one was when Baltimore colts snuck out of town in the middle of the night.

During the commentary, the guy said "Baltimore went 13 yrs without a pro team until the Ravens showed up"

I found it just a little bit annoying.

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Not the first time and not the last unfortunately. Stories about players busting because they underestimate the CFL should be a warning but it's not everyone that can get it.

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"Pro Football" in the US to most people means the NFL. There is nothing else. That's just the way it is.

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yes, of course, but it is still an insult

Canadians generally aren't this "thin" skinned...guess the pandemic is getting to many.

Many CANADIANS would say the NHL is the only pro league in the world, while it is considered the AHL, KHL, Finnish Elite League, Swedish Elite League are all considered pro leagues.

In many activities there is a common discussion, "what makes you a pro".

The simplest definition commonly applied to all sports and recreational activities that "pro" simply means being paid for what you do.

From my experience, Canadians have always been thin-skinned, especially when it comes to validation (or lack thereof) from the US.

And yes, there are plenty of Canadians who are equally dismissive of pro leagues in other countries. Should fans of the LFA or GFL feel dissed when Canadians don't recognize them as pro football leagues?

Technically and by definition they are right

Begin flaming me in 3-2-1....

I noticed the exact same thing and smirked when it was said. At least other American programs such as ESPN's 30 for 30 talked about the CFL in a "professional" manner while this one doesn't seem to even acknowledge its existence. Small item, but annoying

Im not sure why we has Canadians have to be so insecure towards to US anytime we feel slighted by them in anyway.

it is not about insecurity at all. It is not about validation. It is about respect and acknowledgement of existence that people of every country want.

Hey Ro, how so?

No flame needed

Doesn't validation mean "respect and acknowledgement of existence"?

not to me.

to me validation is more about approval and pat on the head

“Professional” simply means that it’s your job, and it’s your only job. Many players hold jobs in the off season so that makes it semi-pro by definition.

With that said....I am sure that is not what was meant by the documentary....I am sure to them if it is not the is not pro-ball

and "it's your only job."

I agree with that.

But there are a ton of "recreational" pro's (fishing, golfing) that consider themselves "pro's" because they get paid.

But 95% of them have 2nd jobs.

I fully agree that it's your job, and it's your only job.

Many "professional" fisherman and golfers would disagree.

That is why I said "technically and by definition" they are correct

I do not agree with the only job part. Not all professions pay a lot. A professional hair stylist could feel the need to supplement income with a second job for example.

I also think it is not just about being paid. A lot of untrained people do work and get paid for it, regardless of quality of work.

I once had a job on a farm where I slopped pigs and drove tractor in the fields. Never considered myself a pro.

They had a USFL team during that span too the which was pro team.

Baltimore is the only city to win a championship in all 3 leagues. It's the real title town :grinning:

Did they mention the Baltimore Stars of the USFL?

Some NFL players have second jobs in the offseason too. In my books, that doesn't make them or the league any less professional.

But the CFL is a lower-tier and lower-paying league than the NFL, so it's natural that some people, especially in the home of that higher-tier league, don't respect it as being pro . . . just as some Canadians do not respect the LFA, GFL, or X-league as pro football leagues.