CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

I guess it depends on the mood of the crowd but there have been some truly electrifying moments at IWS and THF and the fan response was incredible. In 2009 the Cats played the BC Lions in the ESF and came from behind late in the game to tie it. The roar of the crowd was deafening and I still get goosebumps thinking of that moment. Another one was obviously the Ozzie kick in the 1998 EF.

I don't think Hamilton is as loud as Regina but we have more of a suppressed enthusiasm that comes out only for the right moment.

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Didn’t mean to “open up a can of worms”. But thanks for the information…not only are they annoying, they’re harmful.

Game time👍


Impressive start at Edmonton - Elks 7, BC 7 (both QBs are 5/5)...

After 20 minutes, Rourke has thrown over 200 yards for 3 TDs (14/16)!!! Now that's a proper CFL QB!
Elks 7, BC 20.

P.S. Can we clone him?


OMG another TD - that's 4 now! 275 yards passing...

It's amazing how easy BC makes all these plays. How do we lure the BC Offensive Co-Ordinator Jordan Maksymic to Hamilton?

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Did you notice how well Jon Ryan is punting for the Elks?


I guess he's not injured anymore. :smile:


But we can do that in the first half too.
The question is....can they collapse and lose like we routinely do? That is what makes you special.

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5 TD passes in 2 quarters!!! 366 yards

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Okay, maybe we can't do that

Oops! 386 yards...

Probably we can't do that

I have a feeling our enjoyment of watching Rourke in the CFL will be short-lived. He will eventually get a shot at the NFL.


Definitely we can't do that

Such is the Achilles heel (sorry, Bralon) of the CFL...

Glass Half-Full Elks Fan:

"At one point the Elks were tied 7-7 with the Lions and we let it slip away."


Imagine being stupid enough to think that a competent Co-Ordinator with fresh ideas for a sputtering offence couldn't make a difference.

If that was the co ordinator they had last year the difference is the qb

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