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There's always something interesting in the weekly "Insider talk."
This week:

Did you see the government is ending the vaccine requirement for air travel? I bet there are a few players out there who wish it had happened sooner so they didn’t have to shell out for bogus documents before training camp started. They were probably pretty expensive.

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The Elks have released former TiCat WR Jalin Marshall, who was the team leader, for EDM in both pre-season games, earning him a starting spot at SB in their season opener.

Elks Herd at it again

(1) Edmonton Elks on Twitter: "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. See you soon, Steel Town. #GoElks #CFL" / Twitter

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In return, for the Christmas Trees, a more accurate depiction what they can expect on Canada Day:


Two really interesting games coming up.

Can Masoli and the RedBlacks finally get a win or will they sink further into the basement with the Cats?

On Saturday we have the battle of the Titans. The well established Bombers versus the upstart Lions. We'll see now if the Bombers are starting to decline and if the Lions are for real.

I can't wait for these matches.


Have to think it's highly unlikely, now, that Masoli will be in uniform, here, next weekend. That sucks!

A couple of transactions noted, during this quiet TiCat week:
AM OL Aron Johnson, on the Cats' P.R. for the past month, was released and Aussie punter Joel Whitford is now an Alouette, after 10 days of being a free agent.


Well, due to a low hit that seemed to bend Masoli's knee backwards, Ottawa is in an even more compromising position. That was a dirty hit, and his actions after it were disgraceful. I don't like to see players get hurt.


I, certainly, agree that "his actions after were disgraceful."
However, I'm not fully convinced it was a dirty hit or, more specifically, an intended low hit. IMO, there was an obvious illegal block (pushing Marino from behind) that should have been called on Ottawa's RT, #64 Boyd. I believe that push changed (lowered) the defender's direction toward Masoli. To me, Boyd's push was, pretty much, the equivalent of Tank Reed's flagged illegal block that cost the Cats the '14 Grey Cup.

The fact that he hammed it up after on the field and with the fans as he was ejected made me question his intent. Otherwise it may have very well been unintentional as you described. He’ll probably get at least 2 games, similar to Simoni’s hit on Collaros

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How did you feel about Marino’s twisting motion once he had Masoli down on the ground and still had his legs tightly wrapped up? Perhaps he was just trying to perform some chiropractic healing technique.


I don't like that and it's, unfortunately, far too common a practice among CFL tacklers.
IMO, that obvious an attempt to injure should result in an ejection. There's no question, at all, what Marino was doing then.. I don't know if it was the twist that got him tossed. I don't think so, but it coulda / shoulda, on its own..

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I'm not sure how common it actually is to hold onto a QB's leg and twist it after the tackle in a 100% obvious attempt to injure him.

But by some strange coincidence, here's a video I saw posted on Twitter today from last season. Look - it's Marino holding onto Masoli's leg after the tackle and twisting it in a 100% obvious attempt to injure him.

(Key point: completely unambiguous, 100% obvious, no room for argument.)


Geez, from that twitter clip and last night's incident, this Marino clown has a huge problem in his pea-sized brain with Jeremiah Masoli.

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Make that 3 transactions as the TiCats have now traded AM LB Patrick Nelson to the RedBlacks in exchange for the negotiation rights to an unnamed player.
Nelson was signed in January of '21, put on the P.R. out of camp, last year, and was was back on it after this year's training camp. I don't believe he played, other than in pre-season games.

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This article sums things up about this guy: Riders' DT Garrett Marino was saying 'racist sh*t' prior to hit that injured Jeremiah Masoli: Nate Behar - 3DownNation

I’m done with this league if Marino’s still playing after last night. I hope Jeremiah is ok.

Annnd ... here's another play from the same part of the game. Marino dives at an O-lineman (Boyd, the one who had just injured SSK D-lineman Pete Robertson on the previous play), grabs his leg below the knee, holds on and twists it. Looks to be his patented move. There is no "football reason" for this play, when the QB is heading in the opposite direction with the ball.

Once Marino found that he was unable to injure Boyd, he switched tactics and decided to injure the QB.

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"Look at me! Me just jeopardized someone's livelihood. He still on ground unable to get up. ME REAL MAN!"


The post-game coach's handshake was interesting. LaPolice gave Dickenson an earful about what happened.

I think Dickenson is a classy enough guy and understands the magnitude of Marino's actions. Hopefully the Riders release him.


After being the one to start the exchange, on the low hit which injured Masoli, with my observation that Marino was pushed into a low trajectory toward Masoli, I now bow to the compelling video character evidence, presented in 2 posts by ExPat, and am convinced that Marino is indeed a guy who, regularly, plays to hit and hurt and that was his intent. I still hold onto my belief, though, that Ottawa's Boyd should have, also, been flagged on the play for an illegal block.

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