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If only there was some known method of rehydrating. But I’m no doctor.


It sounds like a total load of crap if you ask me .

And speaking of crap , it's not like they were asking him to give a stool sample which I could fully understand if he couldn't . I mean it's kinda hard to lay a log on demand , but a piss ? Sorry I'm not buying it .

Hey AC ever hear of something called water ? Rumor is is that if you drink enough of it fast enough in a short amount of time you'll eventually be pissing like a racehorse in no time flat .

I'm not defending the guy. He might very well have something to hide.

I'm just saying that it is plausible after a hot, sweaty football game that he couldn't deliver a urine sample. I remember playing hockey and sweating litres under all that equipment. Then later drinking multiple bottles of water and still not have to pee for hours.

That's why the league should implement a more fail-safe testing system.

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Right. I wonder what the probability is that an innocent person decides to forego 1/7 of their annual salary (after a year of no salary), AND put their team at a disadvantage by missing two games, AND maybe burn their "first offence" when a second offence is nine games ... rather than wait around an extra hour or two to take a leak?

I'll charitably say <1%.

This guy got two sacks against us a few weeks earlier. He must have been feeling very strong that day.


Sure the optics don't look good for him but at this point all we can do is speculate without 100% proof. Why doesn't the league demand another test within short order? The juice would still be in his system if he were to be tested the next day.

Ask Andrew Harris...

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I think we need Mark to weigh in on this since he's the Shakespeare expert.

"To pee or not to pee. That is the question."


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Or to suffer the slings and arrows of multiple game suspensions or is it better to live or to die ? If you're ducking and dodging , you're guilty as charged .

Pat Lynch (no excuses)

"It is certain that when he makes water, his urine is congealed ice."*

Measure for Measure
Act 3, Scene 2

  • contemporary translation, 'full of drugs' :grin:
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Harris, Andrew...

CFL QB Injury Update: Week 7

So far in 2021, the following QBs have missed games or partial games due to injury:

  • Reilly, Michael
  • Mitchell, Levi, Bo
  • Fajardo, Cody
  • Masoli, Jeremiah
  • Evans, Dane
  • Arbuckle, Jason
  • Nichols, Matt

The following QBs have been healthy all season and started every game:

  • Harris, Trevor
  • Collaros, Zach
  • Adams, Vernon

How many people would have guessed these two lists correctly?

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Good observation, but it may just have something to do with the O-lines of Winnipeg, Edmonton and Montreal.

Perhaps. Although the O-lines of BC, TOR and OTT may resent an implication that they bear any responsibility for their QBs showing up hurt for game 1.

HAM O-line still leading with not one, but two QBs injured, and both definitely within the season.

Regretfully, I spoke too soon on the QB health topic.


Collaros and Adams now stand alone. Although Fajardo's challenges have proven to be very short-term, as were Reilly's.

Tough year for QB's
Collaros is always going to be one hit away and Fajardo is coming of a concussion
Reilly is still hurting

Yup . It's a good thing that Commissioner Bobandy thought it would be a great time to decide that roster limits should be set with only 2 QB's available on a gameday roster . Oh wait , you can dress that 3rd QB but it will cost you an extra roster spot elsewhere .

I thought it then and I still think it now...reducing a QB spot on the roster is one of the dumbest (among many other things) that this incompetent fool of a commissioner we have has ever done . :-1: :angry: :dizzy_face:

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Masoli to EDM rumours.


EDM looks a bit thin in QB depth. Presumably Dakota Prukop gets the start, as the guy who has been in the league a bit.

Not to worry. If both QBs go down there's usually a guy on every roster that played QB in their High School or Pop Warner days. For the Cats that would be Addison. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would that be the same Addison who has spent the entire year on the IL or is there another Addison that I'm not aware of ? :thinking: :woozy_face: