CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

Back on topic @Grover and @Dr.Snuggles, nothing good will come from continuing down this path.


Bye-bye Argo and TFC President Manning!

I think the final straw may have been the due to the bolded sentence below…

Toronto FC (7-13-3) is sliding down the MLS Eastern Conference standings having lost six straight in league play and is winless in nine (0-7-2). News of Manning’s departure comes the morning after a 2-1 loss to CPL champion Forge FC in the first leg of the Canadian Championship semi-final. The Toronto Argonauts are 2-2-0 this season.

As part of the transition, Toronto FC general manager Jason Hernandez and Argonauts GM Michael Clemons will report directly to MLSE president and CEO Keith Pelley.

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I’d love to catch a Grey Cup here.

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Add Fajardo to the list…


Good close game.

Great return by Grant!

Well, the Fajardo-less ALs are beatable ; they are/were toast tonight. Of course, it doesn’t help when the 2nd string QB is named Evans - Caleb Evans, that is! :laughing:

Note: Yes, Janarion Grant is fast, but on that kick-off return TD, he was hardly touched, thanks to his blocking. The field opened up just like when Moses parted the Red Sea. :man_student: Any decent speedy kick returner could have done the same.


I just meant the annual starters go down list. Missed Dru Brown though.

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Collaros starting against Calgary.

Wow! If you’re not watching this one, you should!


O’Shea challenging a call to lose two yards is showing his Ticat colours.


Matty’s losing his mind, and voice!:smile:

Calgary gives the ball back to Winnipeg. Maybe Calgary should have gone for it on third down.
Anyway good game tonight, last night and hopefully tomorrow night.

That could be a good thing :laughing:


When I click on your thumb up , I can’t identify who you are . Is that unusual or am I unusual ?

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Great game overshadowed by a very rare and random accidental PI call via challenge.

Will the command centre call that every time two guys get their feet tangled now?

Need the refs to just stay as invisible as possible and not assert themselves into games like that.


Exactly. That should not have been called.


Totally 100% agree that it should not have been called . That reversal inadvertently was one of the main causes for the Stamps losing that game . It was a total weak sauce of a call and shouldn’t have been overturned in my book .

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