CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

I think we have more than what is normal.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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…NON-Tiger-Cat discussion…

Please and thank you.


Gary Stern saved the Alouettes, he left and they won the GC in one year. Impressive.



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I get Naylor’s point, though. The Stern regime got a lot of flak, but they stepped up at a time when we desperately needed an owner and kept us going long enough for PKP to take over. They also hired Danny Maciocia, the architect of our 2023 Grey Cup win. So IMO they deserve some credit.

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As for the opening at HC in Saskatchewan it appears that it is now down to two and Scott Milanovich isn’t one of them .


Hope they hire Mace and he takes some of his staff with him. Either would be a good choice for Sask.

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Shawn Burke, in Ottawa, has added a third WR with TiCat history – Jon’Vea Johnson, a final cut from HAM’s '23 training camp, who was brought back, for a week on the P.R., following the team’s season opening loss in the 'peg.

It’s time to do away with the cap. Decent idea poorly executed.


As we suggested, Milanovich isn’t gonna want to work for ODay.

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We saw that with a parade of OCs last year. And I’m guessing a few quality coaches this year.

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I would say bad idea poorly executed.

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The quality of the on-field product has suffered because of the coaching cap. The league is being very short-sighted here.


The idea that not all teams can afford to pay fired coaches means the richer ones have a competitive advantage. Players fall under a cap with non-guaranteed contracts but owners can pay hundreds of thousands/millions to coaches/front office staff they think they made a mistake on.

I don’t think it was an unreasonable idea, but it’s backfired and is hamstringing teams. But somewhere between unchecked unlimited management funds and where we are today may be a system that works.

If a team owned by an MLSE for example starting throwing big money at coaches and hurting smaller market teams there will be outcry.


Does that mean that Scott will stay with the 'Cats?

We can only hope .

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