CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

Perhaps it's time to have a sceance and find Marvin Miller...This would be to remind these team owners and presidents about collusion and the penalties involved circa late '80's and MLB...

For those of you who thought special teams are not important , I give you the San Francisco 49ers . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (hoping the Cats get going on STC )


Has anyone ever said that special teams are not important?


Stop it, you're killing me!! :rofl::rofl:


This is what the Elks reap when they made the mistake of hiring the jerk in the first place...

Can you say Vince Young Comeback Szn II

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Wilder re-signs with the Elks for 1 year and has agreed to be fully vaccinated by camp. I am glad he is still in the league just so him and Simoni can trash talk some more. Check out this classic from 2019.

Reilly retired.

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When I heard that wiley Reilly really retired I was reeling. Then I was riled because I dropped my rye. But then I thought wryly, "Really?"

Thank you for filling us in DisplacedCatsFan (and good luck Mike Reilly).


Well done, Maaax!


See what happens when they forget to lock my keyboard away for the evening?


And he continues to flip thru his old rolodex

Blast from the past: Elks sign Adarius Bowman, Manny Arceneaux | 3DownNation

Good line about recent EDM signings:


John Hodge took my line!

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Suitor doesn't do PBP. Just as well since unless the Riders are playing he usually spends half the game mouthing off about things that have nothing to do with what's happening on the field.

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"Talk around the town in Regina this week"
Is his go to line.

He's never heard any talk in any other city.

Not even Saskatoon?

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And the other half of the game he's gazing fondly at his life size Keith Urban
cut out . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: