CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

Maybe ALL teams should just exceed the cap. The result would be better players and better football. The subsequent league fines would be offset by better attendance, merchandise sales and TV ratings.

If I recall that strategy seemed to work pretty good for the Riders in 2013.

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I'm currently watching the 1982 playoff game with Cowboys at 49ers . Great players but here's what strikes me . The broadcast crew is Vin Scully and Hank Stram . They are describing the Game . Telling me who carried the ball. Who made the tackle. Some plays involve 3 tacklers and Scully is giving me those names . HOW REFRESHING ! NO STORIES ! NO COUNTRY MUSIC REFERENCES ! NO GLEN SUITOR !

Pat Lynch (hoping TSN dumps the dope)


This is a rather interesting time in the CFL . Teams are signing lots of players . That suggests to me that players and agents have faith in the league even with the FOX spring league opening in April of this year . No defections yet !

Pat Lynch (the elderly person)

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I watched that game as a little kid and still remember "The Catch".

R.I.P. Dwight Clark


I know Scully is a baseball guy, specifically with the Dodgers....But, as a kid in the late '70's I remember Scully doing football games with Tom Brookshire AFTER CBS broke up the Pat Summerall/Tom Brookshire tandem...


People forget that the Cowboys almost came back and won that game after "The Catch"...Danny White hit Drew Pearson on a long pass late and got it to midfield. But that's where the 49er D held them until the clock ran out...


That 49er defence knew how to shut it down. I still remember their goal line stand in the Super Bowl. The Bengals had a 1st and goal at the 1 yard line and the 49er defence stuffed them on all 4 downs.


I recently watched the TiCat - Als playoff game . David Foucault at rt. guard and Washinton at rt. tackle are no longer with the Als .
I think Teddy , Ja'Gared , Julian , and Dylan pushed them out the door . The Als OLine will be something to watch this season .

Pat Lynch (We need all of our DLine back)

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There are a couple of interesting articles on 3DN today.
The first is about Catharine Raiche being interviewed by the Vikings for their GM, who got her first internship and job through Jim Popp: Minnesota Vikings complete initial GM interview with Canadian Catherine Raiche | 3DownNation

And a 'Riders position coach getting a promotion in the European League of Football (it came out of the NFL Europe thing): Riders’ DB coach Richard Kent hired by ELF’s Leipzig Kings as defensive coordinator | 3DownNation

Mike Jones returns to Edmonton.
So much for that reunion.

$550K for Collaros.

You have to wonder if this will impact the rest of their free agent signings. They still have Lawler and Juice to sign, and others.

Of course they could also just choose to go all in like Sask for a 3 peat, push the cap and pay a fine if they have to. Right Glen?


Sometimes not having a soccer team is a blessing in disguise.

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Imagine I told you 15 years ago the community owned teams would be out-spending the Bob Young Ticats.

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The Young/Mitchell/Lawson/Kestenbaum Ticats, you mean ?


Wouldn't it be funny if WPG outspends Sask and gets to the cup in Sask. I'm sure Glen would enjoy the irony in that.


Can't they just give every player a raise, keep the entire team together, and still stay within the cap?


Unless they were significantly below the cap last year then I would guess the answer is no.

The Ti-Cats are a very altruistic organization. Maybe they can help the Bombers stay under the cap by signing some of their key free agents. :wink:


June Jones to UofH again?

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