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Been watching footbaii 60 years and never saw a coach sit a guy he thought was better and he sees them every day


Of course not.
Coach thought wrong.

The fans are always smarter than the coach.


Good to see that there is room for redemption. He has served his sentence.

After being banned by CFL for misrepresenting vaccination status, Canadian OL Jacob Ruby signs with Redblacks

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Not always.
Just sometimes they're right and the coach is wrong.
I'm not always right in my job.

Smart signing, IMO, by Burke -- a 2-year deal with a big National OL starter, from Ontario, who played university ball in the U.S., now with several years CFL experience, also now vaccinated, and he just turned 29.


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Perhaps a bit premature? The guy has five 100+ yard receiving games in his entire career.

Good to see BC continuing to only worry about the skill position players.

They still have to sign Bryan Burnham.

Can't imagine his camp will allow Lucky to make more than him.

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Hope this isn't an Aaron Rodgers "innoculation situation" . Proof of vaccinations must be followed to have a season .

Pat Lynch ( 3 shots and 8 negative tests)

The Ruby Signing

You can’t be serious!

Yeah , I think he is serious .

They are when they don't want to give up a point on a kickoff in the GC


At least you didn't call him Shirley. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Belief from the insiders that Collaros is worth about $550k, with Fajardo being the worst contract at $512k.

Can't see Winnipeg paying Zach that because of the players they have to re sign

Collaros now has back to back Grey Cups! :trophy: :trophy:

He will get his $$$! :moneybag:

Of course. But where?

Jefferson and Jeffcoat didn't take top dollar.

Does the salary cap apply to WPG, or can they just give small raises to everyone?


Well if they go over the cap and pay the fine they will have less profit to share with TO

Interesting way to look at it. To say it another way, teams that stay within the cap get to send the savings to Argos to help fund their decision to exceed it.

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Here's some actual good news.
I think it's safe to say that Catherine Raiche has a lot to thank Jim Popp for:

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