CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

Agreed ... it is also beneficial for players that are US residents as bonuses are taxed at a lesser rate than salary

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BLM re- signs in Calgary. Haven’t heard any contract terms.

Willie J back in the Peg and hearing they are close to bringing back Jeffcoat. Quite a haul for the Bombers d- line if they re- sign both. Was expecting Jeffcoat to get some NFL interest.


and crickets from us .

$425k + 60k in bonuses
$100k up front

$485k total is how I read this.

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Maybe players like Evans and Masoli waiting to see what offers are out there from other teams before signing straight away.

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Masoli could be looking at another league if he doesn't plan on getting vaccinated.

Perhaps the XFL or USFL.

Evans should be the teams top priority.

Maybe the 3 GMs all thought someone else sent the contracts out....

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I believe this is close to what Dane should be offered
Now git'er done, like now!

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Maier was given 120k hard money and 60k playing time bonuses.

Calgary is now committed to:

425k - Bo
120k - Maier
60k - for whoever plays.

$605k for 2 QBs of their caliber.

They did very well here imo.


I’d expect Reilly’s contract to get restructured similar to BLM so they can go out and sign another player or two, retain Burnham etc. and I doubt Zach Collaros is going anywhere. Reilly is close to home and don’t think he’d want to uproot his family at this stage of his life.

So that basically leaves Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto as options for Evans, Masoli, MBT, and possibly as a long shot Trevor Harris. Evans would likely hold most of the cards at this point with his age and upside so unless the Cats already secretly locked him up he probably waits until free agency to squeeze the best deal he can.

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As of right now, if the speculation about Masoli's non-vaccination is true, he won't even get across the border...

The REAL Oprah would've given Hamilton 5 extra players too. Look under your seat again. Maybe they're hiding between the cushions.

"Those aren't (pillows)cushions!!!"

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One of the funniest lines in Motel-Bed-Sharing history.

(With apologies to honest to gawd travel buddies everywhere).


Unless he stayed in Canada

He still can't travel to Western games.

Or Montreal.

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Then it's settled. Masoli can play all the home games and Dane can be the road QB. :upside_down_face:


SSK fans: it's not just an online phenomenon. This is real life.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have a passionate fan base, but it appears as though some particularly fervent fans wore on Willie Jefferson’s patience during his stint in Regina.

“When I stepped out into the community, it was always a bum-rush type of thing. Nobody wanted to give me my time to deal with my family when my little girl was small since I had to focus on her,” said Jefferson regarding his tenure with the Riders.

“My wife was dealing with my daughter while she was young, so I’m trying to help my wife and every time it was like that it was just people wanted me to sign something, take a picture or something like that.”

Willie Jefferson appreciates patient Winnipeg fans after ‘bum-rush’ in Saskatchewan

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As a starter or backup.cant wait to see who the backup is next year.he will be the most popular player on the team

Only if he's the better QB.
It's not too often the better QB is parked on the bench for the majority of the season.

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