CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

I wonder why he cared?

I love the T-shirt that Rider fans came up with in that Twitter link. :rofl:

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I did, too, and that's the main thing I was hoping your scrolling would find. :laughing:


Dave Naylor
The@CFLofficial who used an F-bomb into an open mic on Saturday in Saskatchewan has been fined by the league. Tom Vallesi will not miss any assignments for his action. The@sskroughridersare satisfied with the handling of the situation.#CFL [#Riders](

Tom Vallesi is one of the top officials in the CFL . $5 in the swear jar would be appropriate .


He just said what every non-Rider fan has been saying for years... lol
FWIW, Craig Dickenson thinks the League should have gone easy on him: Riders’ Craig Dickenson felt CFL should have gone ‘easy’ on referee Tom Vallesi for live mic F-bomb | 3DownNation
He could just as easily have said "Eff me" and it would amount to the same thing.
I refereed water polo for many years, and we would discuss the teams in the same manner in (away from the benches). Then we would go out drinking with the coaches after the games.

I wonder if SSK could simply have taken a Time Count/Delay of Game penalty instead of burning a timeout? I seem to remember incidents like that with the Chris Jones-led 'Riders when he wouldn't bring the team out for the National Anthem and was late several times for the 3rd quarter.

After reading that piece, my guess is that Valessi's F-Them was directed at some game official demanding that they get the play started. If true, then he was actually defending SSK's right to call timeout whenever they see fit, and asserting the supremacy of the game over the broadcast.

No doubt it was misdirected and the context was not clear in a 3 second soundbite.

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Argos are bad, as we Ticat fans all know. Not sure if this signing was one of the genius moves that we assumed other teams were making in their recent transactions.

CFL refuses to register contract for linebacker Nate Holley

The CFL has decided to not register a contract for LB Nate Holley in accordance with our Violence Against Women Policy. We will not be commenting further out of respect for the privacy of those involved.

A couple of interesting tweets, complimentary to the league's handling of covid-19:

Out of 42,200 COVID-19 tests administered to Tier 1 personnel (coaches, players and football operations staff), only 34 came back positive, which resulted in those individuals being removed from team activities until return to play protocols were met.

By December 1, 95 per cent of all CFL players will be fully vaccinated (will have received their second dose for at least 14 days) -

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