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Makes sense. In the Lionbackers Forum it was reported that Dane was taking 3rd team reps.

I’m not really sure what Rick Campbell’s reasoning here is in giving Dom Davis the 2nd team reps.

Well maybe Davis has shown more than Evans thus far in camp so far ?


Well that’s the obvious presumption, but I’m thinking of their overall body of work and the fact that Evans would have wanted some redemption after last year.

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I’m pretty sure that Evans will wind up as the 2nd behind Adams when final cuts are finalized .


Maybe he keeps fumbling the ball and turning it over during team scrimmages?
( I’ll see myself out before Coach E reads this)
Edited to add: the truth is, they might feel they don’t need to see Dane. As they know what he can do already.


Evans and Davis alternated regularly between 2nd and 3rd team reps throughout camp.


Just verified on the Lionbackers forum that Evans was now taking 2nd team reps again. Must be a rotation in place.

Edit. I see somebody already posted that 10 minutes earlier.

Another thought, that hasn’t been mentioned, is that it’s not uncommon, in this league, for a coach to favour a QB with whom he has history. They were together, in Ottawa, for two seasons.

We had a similar situation, here, with Masoli, right there on the bench …


Good point. I forgot that Davis and Campbell had a previous history.

Ultimately though since he is rotating them into 2nd team reps then he is just giving each guy a fair chance to fight it out for the 2nd string spot.

I would expect Dane lands the job. Adams is probably secure as the starter but if he starts to falter or gets injured in the first few games then he will be on a short leash. That could be Dane’s opportunity to take over the team and prove that he still has it.


I didn’t get to see the Lions vs. Riders game but looking at the stats Dane Evans did pretty good in his debut as a Lion. He went 13/16 for 162 yards. Also no picks and one TD.


Watched the game and he looked pretty good.


I watched part of the game and Dane moved the ball and looked pretty good, he could be the starter but I assume that VA will get the start because of his resume.
At least BC knows they have two QBs that can be starters.
Most other teams don’t have a proven backup, except maybe Ottawa

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BC, Ottawa and Hamilton are in better shape with their QB situation in terms of backups then the other 6 teams. BC is first, Ottawa is second and Hamilton is third, if you feel Arbuckle is better then Shiltz.


Funny how last year Adams was not only a backup but benched and then traded for depth.

If BC is in the best spot in the league it’s more because of Evans than Adams.

Not necessarily directing that at you but more how about BC named Adams the starter so basically we’re just supposed to assume he’s a starting QB now.

IMO Adams is right with Shiltz and Arbuckle. Not a believer, never have been.

Evans was benched for shiltz many times last year.the only reason he wasnt starting was because orlondo chose evans over soli and was too stubborn to admit his mistake

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I was speaking about experience more then anything.
I am not a Vernon fan at all to be honest.
So now that I think about it, I’m changing my opinion fast.

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You would give the QB that you invested starter money into a chance to work out any issues he might be having over the course of a season.

If the issues persist at the end of the season then maybe contemplate a move. I think the Cats did just that.


Evans, a player nobody wanted , clawing his way back with a career in ruins up from third string is going to be an interesting story.


If Hamilton giving up on a QB too soon was a be all end all indictment of the players career the hall of fame would be much thinner

If Evans is anything but stellar it could be an even bigger backslide for his career.