CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

Breaux as our DB coach would be very interesting.

I thought our DBs this year looked good on paper but at times didn't play as good as we expected.

As former DBs I think Orlondo and Washington will want to address that this off-season.


He also mentions it here at the end of the article ...

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Milt Stegall just stated how unfair football can be to great players . He played 14 years in the Peg without winning a cup .


Well with any luck Brandon Banks will wind up playing 9 years without winning a cup .

Interesting read here, where the league's twice-in-a-row MOP gives credit to Kent Austin and Tommy Condell for being big influences in his having such a successful CFL career.


Terrific read here

Tons of TiCat clippings and pics at the end



I agree with the sentiments in this article, as much as the headline and Argo-centric focus pains me. I do find it hard to relate to athletes in other leagues with 7-and-8-figure salaries. Feels like they occupy a different universe, just like Thor and Hulk.

This is a league full of professional, dedicated athletes right on the cusp of being the best in the world. And yet while the average NFL player earns close to $1 million per year — and the top players in that league earn tens of millions — the average CFL player may not earn enough to qualify for a mortgage in Toronto. To be sure, the Canadian league stars do OK by everyday people standards, but just OK: the average league salary is reported to be between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. That’s right in the range of the median household income in Toronto. According to, it’s what a carpenter for the TTC or a production supervisor in a factory or truck driver might expect to earn. It’s not at all terrible money. It’s an everyday person kind of salary.

Which is what seems remarkable. At this point, it’s a rarity to think of professional athletes as lunch bucket workers who may be living paycheque-to-paycheque like the rest of us (the average NHL player earns over $3 million dollars, the average MLB player more than $4 million, the average NBA player more than $8 million). We think of the athletes we watch competing for championships as superheroes, living superstar lifestyles. These Argos may perform similar superhuman feats, and certainly put in similar amounts of effort, but away from the field they may also be keeping a wary eye on the price of lettuce and gas just like the rest of us.

Which somehow makes it all the sweeter to watch them in the biggest moments: when all that hard work and dedication takes them to national television, in a stadium packed with fans, to participate in a Canadian tradition stretching back to 1909, in one of the most exciting games you’ll see at any level of any sport.

Argos are just like us, making their Grey Cup victory sweeter | The Star


I believe that it's past time for TSN to have the streaming options for all subscribers (either cable or streaming), with all past games available. Something else that would be of interest to me, is the "all-24"-type of view so that we can see the formations and routes of everyone on the field.

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Report from Ottawa, today, that the RedBlacks expect to choose, and name, a new HC, within 2 weeks. Interviews have begun and the known candidates, including two TiCat staffers, are:
Redblacks interim head coach/special teams co-ordinator Bob Dyce, Calgary Stampeders assistant head coach/special teams co-ordinator Mark Kilam, QB coach Marc Mueller and defensive co-ordinator Brent Monson, Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive co-ordinator Mark Washington and former Montreal Alouettes head coach Khari Jones.


Busy Bombers:
Only 10 days have passed since the Grey Cup and they've, already, extended at least three key starters, Jefferson, Bighill and Neufeld, and they've made a deal with Mike O'Shea to keep him, as their HC, for another 3 seasons.
And, a bonus -- OC Buck Pierce turned down Ottawa's invitation to interview for their HC opening.


And yet, there are not even crickets to be heard from the Ticats office...


We have crickets every year. Maybe we should just get used to it and not keep bringing it up. Doesn’t change anything, does it?


How is there crickets? So far the Cats have the biggest CFL news story leading into 2023 and we're still a couple of months away from Free Agency.


It would be a bigger story if they had actually signed BLM by now.

My point is that other teams are already making moves, teams that were behind us in the standings, and teams that were better than us.

I'm sure they would have signed him by now if they had their druthers
It doesn't work that way


See the BLM thread - I added the 3DN article.

Farhan Lalji has tweeted that Mark Washington (HAM's DC), Corey Mace (TOR's DC) and Bob Dyce (OTT's STC & Interim HC) are the three candidates still on Ottawa's HC shortlist.

I noticed that Condell didn't even get on the list. Darn!


Long term extension for O'Shea. No promotion or fancy titles.

Model franchise.


I'd be just as happy if they took Washington.

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